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    Quitting Uber/Lyft/Fasten to Hertz management !

    After driving for two years, from PT to FT to PT again, i finally got hire by Hertz in Logan as a full time employee with tons of benefits, took like 3 weeks for the whole hiring process. 4 days work week Salary plus quarterly bonus 11 days of paid holiday 2 personal days Health/dental/vision...
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    UberEat pay

    I did my first UberEat today, just to try, do not do this around Boston area or rush hours. Take a look at the payout !
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    Week of 11/13 to 11/19

    Uber: $1321.22(included front & back bonuses) 115 rides and 42.50 online hours Lyft: $141.62(No kiss ass bonuses) 12 rides and 5 online hours
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    2013 Toyota Corolla L For Sale

    2013 Toyota Corolla L sedan with 118k for sale, see below for info: Very good condition Every part is original on this car except tires and brakes Never been into any accidents Oil change every 5k with synthetic oil Southern car since day one until 9/1/16 Been into snow storm may be few times...
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    Driving with high beam on

    I noticed a lot of these drivers love to leave their high beam on all the time, it blinds my eyes so bad in my rear view mirrors. What do you guys think ? Any solutions ?
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    Uber Promo 9/19/16 to 9/25/16

    I got this today, does anyone have something different ?
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    Uber Enterprise Rental Car

    Guys, i will be picking up a rental for a week from Enterprise in Randolph MA, picking up on July 25th and return on August 1, i will let you all know how it like and how much can it make & deduction works after i finished ! Please also see attached file for current Uber Massachusetts Insurance...