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  1. Driver@Valencia

    Long distance pick ups

    Yesterday I was driving EX Large only and i kept getting pings that were 20 min+ away . I declined all of them and it destroyed my acceptance rate. Now today I am getting no pings. I thought UBER was going to pay extra for long distance pick ups. I used to get a message that said “premium fee...
  2. Driver@Valencia

    LYFT Plus

    Is there a way to only receive requests for Lyft Plus?
  3. Driver@Valencia

    Support message Warning

    Yesterday I received a message from Uber saying I made one of my passengers feel unsafe due to speeding. Seriously I never speed. Often Pax tell me about other drivers who drove fast and crazy and they thank me for driving safely. Anyways this is the second time I received this warning message...
  4. Driver@Valencia

    Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter are here

    Just gave some people a ride to a high school in Panorama City. I asked them why there was such a huge law enforcement presence at a high school and was told that it's the Secret Service. The Carters are at the high school. It's related to a documentary the kids made there. Anyways thought it...
  5. Driver@Valencia

    Service Animal mess

    In the last 3 months I have had 6 PAX with Service Animals(Dogs). The small lap dogs are fine but how can Uber force us to let huge white long hair dogs into our vehicles. No matter how conscientious the pet owning PAX is, the dog makes a huge mess, even when the PAX has a towel to protect...
  6. Driver@Valencia

    Incentive Disappears?

    I drive LA county and was working on an incentive of 40 rides for $72. I took a PAX to OC and my incentive disappeared from my drivers screen. Do rides in OC not count towards incentives? The incentive better come back when I cross back into LA county. Anyone have info on this to put my mind...
  7. Driver@Valencia

    Incorrect PAX complaint

    I received an Uber support message saying. " One of your riders let us know that they felt uncomfortable with your driving speed on a recent trip and for the cleanliness of your vehicle." -Driving style is subjective and had they complained solely based on my driving I would let it go. Even...
  8. Driver@Valencia

    Unknowingly created surge

    So last night a guy on the street wanted me to take him somewhere, so I told him he has to do it through the app. However every time he did the request another driver kept getting assigned. So my potential passenger kept cancelling hoping I would be assigned. I mean I was right there next to...
  9. Driver@Valencia

    " Stop New Requests" button gone?

    As many experienced, last night in the Greater LA area, it was stacked pings non/stop. Not even a 2 minute break/ gap between riders. Strangest thing was the "Stop New Requests" button was missing. Prior to last night I would constantly get stacked pings and So I am very familiar with the "Stop...
  10. Driver@Valencia


    I'm so sick of this Bailout software program. It used to only happen occasionally but now it's happening so much that I worry it will kick in on every ping. Just now I got a long trip request. I was super happy. I start driving towards pax and about 2 min later- " rider has cancelled". I was...
  11. Driver@Valencia

    Pax tip rating

    Here's something to suggest- Uber should have a separate category- " Average tip" . That amount should be flashed up in the pax ride request screen, along with passenger rating and distance. I think it would encourage tips if pax knew that only new ants or bad ants would accept their...
  12. Driver@Valencia

    Does rating or Car type determine pings

    I drive from 7pm to 3am and I get non stop pings. Before I drop my current PAX I am getting another request for next Pax. I am normally spending my entire night in a Boost zone(at least 1.3 + Boost). My question is this: Is this type of action normal? Does rating or Car type determine the...
  13. Driver@Valencia

    Chevy Volt

    Just bought a Chevy Volt Friday. Wondering if there are any otherVolt drivers out there willing to share their thoughts? I did the math and around town I can go 350 miles on $30 worth of gas (approx 80 miles electric and 270miles gas). Curious how that rate compares to Prius drivers?
  14. Driver@Valencia


    Picked up a surge pax in Santa Clarita who I drove to Acton/Palmdale. Anyone on here ever tried to drive a pax out of Palmdale? Is Palmdale hopeless?
  15. Driver@Valencia

    PAX damaged my vehicle

    So Saturday night a group of pax damaged my sunroof cover, pulled it off tracks. I immediately took pics and sent the incident to Uber Help 10 min after it happened. Took it to the shop Monday and luckily repairs were covered under warranty. UBER claims they will pay an inconvenience fee for...
  16. Driver@Valencia

    Verify your identity

    Just got asked to verify my identity in the Uber Driver App. It asked me to take a pic of just my face. Wondering if that's random or did I do something out of the algorithm to make the app question my identity.
  17. Driver@Valencia

    Apps are buggy

    I am up here at Costco in Canyon Country and received 2 ride requests but when I tried to click accept it wouldn't assign the pax to me either time. Says I let the request time run out. Is this because of poor connectivity up here? If so why do I get the requests but can't accept them? Anyone...
  18. Driver@Valencia

    Destination Change

    When passenger wants to change their destination, but cant to do it in the app, I will drive them to the new destination and drop them off. Then I get the little message that tells me how much I earned for that ride. 2 Questions - Did I violate Uber TOS? and - Did Uber pay me based on the...
  19. Driver@Valencia

    Why does Uber boost certain areas

    My question is why did Uber boost certain areas last night? I am not talking about surge , I am talking about the guarantee 1.1 to 2.0 boost zones from last night specifically. Obviously it isn't because of high demand- After 45 min sitting in a parking lot at 12:15 am in Hermosa I gave up and...
  20. Driver@Valencia

    Navigation Nightmare

    For the last week my Uber navigation and Google Maps for LYFT have been acting so strange. They have been diverting me off the freeway through city streets then back on the freeway for no reason. There is no traffic and no road work. Unless I really know the area I follow the app's turn by turn...