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  1. Uberxdriver111

    Got a red light ticket

    I got a red light ticket in the mail. I went through the light in order to avoid an accident because me and this other guy were going into the same lane at the same time and I swerved back into my lane and last second went through the ref light. I opted to "an early resolution" and have a...
  2. Uberxdriver111

    Uber is REALLY dead

    I don't know about you guys, but here in the GTA (Brampton/mississauga), Uber is dead. It's so slow here. I guess I'll have to drive to Toronto, but is that area any better with the over-saturation of drivers as well?
  3. Uberxdriver111

    UberEATS coupons

    Saw this on redflagdeals, only the $10 off worked for me.
  4. Uberxdriver111

    Get HST number after July 1?

    Just curious, if we do this HST bullshit registration after July 1 are we still able to drive ON July 1 and after or are they putting our account on pause until we get one?
  5. Uberxdriver111

    Driving Uber kills phones battery health!

    Had to pay Apple $100 for a new battery because my iPhones battery health went to shit. Combo of the heat and constant phone use will do it! Lol
  6. Uberxdriver111

    New driver profiles

    Anyone get this bullshit feature too?
  7. Uberxdriver111

    Winter tires OFF

    TAKE EM OFF April 30
  8. Uberxdriver111

    Full-timers: Why are you still doing it FT?

    For those people still doing Uber Full-time as their main income, what's your reason for continuing to work for them with the current state of pay? I'm genuinely curious!
  9. Uberxdriver111

    Worth driving in Hamilton?

    Hey I usually drive in Brampton and Toronto, but might be staying in Hamilton for a week coming up. Is it worth driving Uber there or is Toronto where the money's at?
  10. Uberxdriver111

    Quickly verify your Uber commission per trip

    I made this simple spreadsheet to calculate your Uber pay per trip. Just input km and duration. Edit it if you're getting 75% instead of 80%. Make a copy into your google drive to edit it.
  11. Uberxdriver111

    Don't drive MISSISSAUGA/BRAMPTON in the afternoon

    It's always dead after noon. Anyone experiencing the same?
  12. Uberxdriver111

    Software to start our own Uber service.

    Some of us should come together and buy this software and create our own Toronto based rideshare company.
  13. Uberxdriver111

    Has Travis Kalanick ever been punched or harmed?

    I'm just very curious if the CEO of Uber has ever been physically harmed in the past from disgruntled Uber drivers over Uber's shady business practices.
  14. Uberxdriver111

    Family day on Monday

    You guys think it'll be any good?
  15. Uberxdriver111

    Two drop offs? How to add second address?

    Two riders in car, first one wanted to be dropped off at the location in the uber drop off section, then the second rider asked me to update the address to be dropped off somewhere else...I just tapped the address in the app and put the second address, is that the correct way?
  16. Uberxdriver111

    Signing up for UberEATS under our own referral link?

    Does anyone know if we'll get paid the $300 referral fee if we sign up for UberEATS under our own link?
  17. Uberxdriver111

    Uber looking into incident of self-driving car running a red light captured on dashcam LOL
  18. Uberxdriver111

    Anyone drive for DoorDash?

    Looking at signing up. Anyone deliver for them?
  19. Uberxdriver111

    When do we have to get the SAFETY again?

    Is it every 6 months?