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    I wish you could be a uber or lyft autonomous cars beta tester.

    I know it would be risky but who cares.
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    Nicest Uber or Lyft cars option on app ?

    Basically like a small limo. What option would that be ? I most likely should of asked Uber and Lyft directly.
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    Does anyone know if Uber is any different in other countries ? Curious

    I know Lyft is not worldwide but I still prefer it. I did read or heard that sometimes cabs are much better depending on where you are. I can understand that. No this is not about requesting or forcing people to take a cab instead. If cabs had apps around here I would at least try them.
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    I like the new feature in the Uber app I know it been around for a while now

    It is for passengers and drivers. At night you can hold up your phone with a color on it so your driver can find you easily! I think they should put a number on it too so in high pick up areas it is easier for a uber or lyft driver to know which person or people they are picking up quicker! Yes...
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    As a uber or lyft driver, for the people here who are, have you ever been a passenger ?

    Were you impressed with your experence as a passenger from the driver? I know most people rent cars. Makes no sense in areas where you have to pay to park a lot though.
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    Who does the Amazon Now and Amazon Pantry delivery ?

    Amazon workers or third parties ? I am going to tip at least $5 but most likely $10 sense I am getting a lot of stuff that is heavy. I would tip $20 but I don't expect them to bring it all to me directly inside. I don't think they are allowed either.
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    I wish there was a passanger board!

    It would be so funny reading to see what people complain about! I am not even a driver either. I bet some things would be really stupid.
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    I don't think people realize how dangerous it is for drivers

    Even in daylight. I bet more drivers you think carry guns or a pocket knife (not that it will do anything a pocket knife that is but would hope it would help a little) Not saying everyone is bad but still you have to be careful.
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    Higher end Uber or Limo ?

    Which is better? I don't really need a limo but I thought maybe sense we are going on a vacation next year or we may wait until 2022. I know a limo is a little more. It would only be from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport when we leave.
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    Do you think Amazon will actually use drones to deliver packages ever ? I know they have before but mainly only as a test or experiment.
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    Will I be stranded?

    I am visiting New Orleans and staying on the North Shore closer to my family and friends. If my flight leaves at around 6 to 7 am and I need a Uber or Lyft driver at 2 am to 3 am will I be stranded ? I like to give myself ample amount of time to get to the airport. I noticed on the North Shore...
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    Uber or Lyft should try a new model by letting the passager tip before the trip if they want

    I think this would help let the driver know if the passenger is serious or not. I could be wrong though. 1566607529 I know I know it will be abused but the beauty of it the driver won't get it until he or she is done with the trip but either way it is guaranteed. Plus as a rider you can't...
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    In your personal opinion who do you think is safer Uber or Lyft ?

    Or neither ?
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    Went in my first self driving car today

    Loved it! I felt pretty safe and can't wait until this is the standard! Of course there was a safety driver.
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    Do people really sell their Vehicles and only use Uber or Lyft everyday or almost everyday ? I was told that by a Uber Driver. He said he had customers who did that.
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    Do drivers see when they get a tip and from which passenger ?

    I was told a long while ago by a driver they don't but I didn't believe them because another driver told me they did see when someone tips them in the app.
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    I am curious if Uber or Lyft gave you a car for driving during work (Uber and Lyft) and trips (Uber and Lyft) would you be happier ?

    I think it would be possible but cost a lot for them. Doubt they would want to do it.
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    How will self driving cars work with UberEats ?

    I know this is thinking way ahead but how do you think it will work ?
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    Self Driving cars

    Has anyone been in a self driving car yet without a driver?
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    Thank you thread to drivers for doing what they do!

    Thank you! You make getting to the Airport more enjoyable!