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  1. Edgard Bocio

    Anyone else have an experience with Uber telephone support?

    I called twice and the first time it was really just to try it... the sound was bad like you say. alot of background noise and people talking with other drivers... I give it up to them though... it's a work in progress but in the right direction.. Lyft is also coming out with their phone support
  2. Edgard Bocio

    U2 concert met life

    how about lyft request, do we have to be in the q also?
  3. Edgard Bocio

    I am done with Lyft. Airport queue. Really? Wow!!

    might be preparing for a rideshare lot at ewr, thats the only logical reason for a que.. makes no sense to hace a que when we have no place to park
  4. Edgard Bocio

    Yet again UBER upcharging Pax with nothing going to driver

    it might be a fee to pay for the zoning area
  5. Edgard Bocio

    Next month's 180 commission goes down!!

    Is this true, where are your sources?
  6. Edgard Bocio

    First Weekend At Jersey Shore

    Not an Amateur, been driving 2 years now.. 1 and half of that was in NY. i have my TLC, just decided it was not worth transfering tlc plates when i upgraded vehicle. not sure exactly how many miles but i was on a 90% power zone with lyft. most of my calls were Plus.. 12 trips with lyft and 4...
  7. Edgard Bocio

    First Weekend At Jersey Shore

    So is it possible to make $300 friday and saturday each day.. for the summer
  8. Edgard Bocio

    First Weekend At Jersey Shore

    i actually did lyft more. i am staying away from uber.. i only used uber at the shore to kill dead time.. but for this summer , is it worth the 1 hr drive fri and sat
  9. Edgard Bocio

    First Weekend At Jersey Shore

    This past weekend was my first time working the shore.. made $322 friday and $700 saturday.. i know it wont be like this every weekend this summer, but is it safe to say that a driver can make $300 per night, fri and sat
  10. Edgard Bocio

    Uber owed me money

    it's not fake
  11. Edgard Bocio

    Horrible Uber Nav is back!

    i didnt get this update
  12. Edgard Bocio

    1099 for 2 Different States

    Hi guys, i started to do my taxes with the credit karma service. I worked both in New York and New Jersey. which uber has 2 different federal id's , how do i go about that?
  13. Edgard Bocio

    Can I file my 1099 next year

    Thanks... gonna get on it
  14. Edgard Bocio

    Can I file my 1099 next year

    is there a penalty if i file next year for my 2016 1099. only made like 30k or so.. maybe less.. ive done it with w2s not sure how it works with 1099
  15. Edgard Bocio

    Surge Tracking Apps

    whats the name?
  16. Edgard Bocio

    EWR 500

    how are you in this que.. do you drive black?
  17. Edgard Bocio

    "NJ Uber Regulations"

    after may 1st you will have to have the trade dress.. unfortunately.. i have both.. lyft sent me theirs with no issues.. uber on the other hand was a hassle.. i had to go back and forth with them.. they kept saying its not required in new jersey.. i had actually send them the bill... i have them...
  18. Edgard Bocio

    I make more money driving in NJ then NYC

    you are spending atleast 7k a year just to work for uber... im a tlc driver who no longer drives in ny.. i drive in jersey
  19. Edgard Bocio

    Airport fee and Black Car Fund?

    Im a tlc driver but no longer drive in new york.. when i transfered back to new jersey they charged a few rides the black car fund. i emailed them and they fixed it.. you need to contact them so they can adjust that
  20. Edgard Bocio

    Since you can't email Uber anymore, how do you set up XL only?

    Mine is set up like that...