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    Uber support questioning tip

    So I got a tip from a rider on a ride I took a few days ago and the ride was also surged. Now uber support is emailing me asking was their cash exchanged for the ride so they can adjust accordingly. Ummmm should I reply? It's. Its not fair if they adjust my trip just because they offered me a...
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    Santa Clarita

    what's the deal out there? I see it surging a lot more lately. Are the rides decent out that way?
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    PAX with Wheelchairs

    I drive X and accepted a pool ping. 1st ping was a lady with a few target like bags. Instead of using the trunk she used the backseat and sat there as well. On our way, I accepted another ping and it was a guy coming from rehab in a wheelchair. He couldn't walk and was solo. The lady in the car...
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    Boost & Platinum status etc

    Oldie but newbie here. I use to drive about a year ago and decided to take some rides this 4th of July weekend. Can someone tell me what the Boost and Platinum status is? I am assuming it's only for certain drivers or targets that are met. Thanks in advance for all the smarta** remarks!