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    Maybe they should not have laid off so many technical folks

    This is almost certainly intentional. Drivers log into the web site to look at their pay, and quickly realize that Fubar is taking a larger and larger cut. Rather than having to deal with complaints, they simply make the data less and less accessible. Look for "Uber Receives" to disappear from...
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    Lyft will tell you how far the fare is for, and in what direction - but only if you keep up a 90% acceptance rate. If you use the information, they take it away from you!
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    Comfort Rides

    Portland Rates from driving last weekend
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    Uber Comfort

    Payout rates for Comfort are lower than XL, which is lower than X. From rides I gave this weekend: Comfort costs considerately more than XL. Just now I was quoted these rates: I have been driving XL all day, and would drive Comfort if I did not have to deal with X.
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    Lyft - Loss of Service Claim?

    Thanks for the responses. I have decided to take tomorrow off to fix the dam thing myself. I have been driving long enough to know not to expect justice or fairness from the powers that be. I disagree with the theory that the slam did not cause the problem. My doors get slammed regularly too...
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    Lyft - Loss of Service Claim?

    It was a busy day today, and I got the dreaded two-stop ride with the first stop being at a grocery store. I explained to the passenger that driver pay for wait time is minimal, and I was unwilling to wait for more than 5 minutes while she did her shopping. She slammed the door on her way out...
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    New Lyft Purple and Pink Heat Maps

    Is anyone familiar with the new Heat Maps? If you pick up a ride in one of these zones, you get a (very small) bonus on your next ride. I get that they want us to stay online for another ride. But I am concerned that this will be in lieu of surges / power zones. And it moves us further away...
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    Free TurboTax from Lyft

    Have you filed, and confirmed this? The footnotes on the "free" Uber TurboTax page says: "Pay for TurboTax out of your federal refund: A $39.99 Refund Processing Service fee applies to this payment method."
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    Ok share your snow stories.

    I put in 160 miles driving through the snow and ice yesterday. I had 18 Uber trips, all but two of them with surge pricing. For the day I received exactly two $1 tips. Uber was so busy that I hardly got to log into Lyft, but every Lyft rider tipped me. Many of the riders had special pricing...
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    Gross Errors in Lyft 1099

    Uber recently agreed to settle a lawsuit for misleading drivers about pay levels. At the same time, there are several current threads about errors in the Uber and Lyft 1099 forms. I thought I...
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    Lyft - You'll have the ability to opt out of Arbitration after the 30th.

    Cons: - If you opt out of arbitration now, you can "opt in" later by agreeing to arbitration if and when you file a dispute in the future. If you do not opt out now, you will never have the option of utilizing the courts. - Evidence from arbitration proceedings "are confidential, privileged...
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    Is Uber Earnings offline?

    It is now 2:00PM. The "Daily Earning" screen in my Uber app is not showing any rides after 9:00AM - 5 hours ago! Is anyone else seeing this problem? I do not trust the "feel free to keep driving" message...
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    Anyone else use a Tablet-Phone Combo??

    Uber with Waze on the phone, Lyft with Google Maps on the wifi-tethered tablet. The tablet has a 64GB SIM card containing 6500 songs, so no streaming required. Having both maps running helps stay on top of traffic. I know of no easy way to transfer an address between phones, so I use whichever...
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    Help us improve the Uber platform by taking 2 minutes to complete this survey

    I just got a text invite for this. The link has a built-in id so they can trace your response back to you, e.g. https:/ Be aware that once you click on the link, you can use the browser address bar to change the user id to anything you want...
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    Are the gas pumps on the app a little annoying?

    Uber added that feature because they love their partners. They want to constantly remind you that gas prices have gone up over 30% while Uber rates have gone up zero. Note that only certain gas stations show up. No doubt there is an advertising fee being collected...
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    Safe rider fee changing?

    Did you ever get a response? Same problem here - the fee is $1.35 per ride, except when it is occasionally higher with no explanation.
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    Anybody else not receiving cancel notifications?

    It has happened to me a couple of times this week. I arrive to pick up a passenger, only to find no pax and no indication on the app that I ever accepted a ride. The next time I accept a ride (10 - 20 minutes later?), the cancel notice popups on my app. Of course, I would not have gone all the...
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    Uber sending you on a wild goose chase?

    I have had two "pickups" in the middle of a freeway. The first rider lived directly over the Vista Ridge tunnel. When going from Uber to Google Maps, the location was changed from street address to latitude/ longitude. I ended up in the middle of the tunnel before I realized what was happening...
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    Insurance options in Portland, OR

    I contacted the Portland city attorney who works with Uber. He is not aware of any non-commercial provider who offers a rider.
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    New testing

    I took it yesterday. What a joke. Questions like: You are approaching a crosswalk with people crossing. Should you a) speed up to get ahead of the pedestrians, or 2) slow down or stop until the pedestrians have crossed. It really is that bad. Don't worry about studying it.