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    If you are slow to come out, I am cancelling on you!

    I cancelled on 3! passengers today because they took their sweet time coming out. 2 of them got to see me drive away. Especially if it's a minimum fare trip - 5:01 I am out of there. Maybe they'll learn, but probably not. They seem to think messaging me "I'll be right out" buys them a couple...
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    Great Camo License Plate Numbers

    Saw 2 great plates recently that would be tough for a cop to call in: B0BB060 are they zero's or O's? KXKKXKK How do these slip through? lol
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    These Quests!

    I like extra money, but these recent Quest bonuses are killing me. This week it was $20 for 60 trips and $55 for 70 trips. I drive during the weekdays, so effectively I have to do 70 trips in 4 days to get the top bonus. I hate to complain, lol, because most of the time there aren't any Quests...
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    Virus Liability

    Here's something that is just starting to get talked about: Are businesses liable if someone catches COVID-19 in their business? Even though it would be hard to prove, right now there is nothing stopping a person from suing a business (or a ride share driver) if they contract the virus. Congress...
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    Connecticut gig workers will be able to apply for unemployment starting April 30. Not sure if we will qualify for regular CT unemployment or just the extra federal $600/wk.
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    Stimulus Plan - Can we come out ahead?

    I was thinking about the stimulus plan last night. We are going to be able to collect unemployment as gig workers as part of the plan. The plan also provides for an extra $600 per week above normal unemployment benefits. It also provides for a $1200 direct payment to everyone (they will direct...
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    Lyft raised rates for drivers!

    .....In the Hartford area. Got an email today that Lyft is raising rates to match the $1.31 base fare, $.65/mile and $.20/minute Uber is offering. Still no wait time or long distance pick up fee, but it's a start.
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    Lyft cleaning fee success

    Picked up a lady today in Hartford. She had a large cake in a box. As she entered my car, she tripped somehow and dumped the cake on my floor. A large pile of frosting spiked out. When she picked up the cake, she got frosting all over my back seat. She tried to clean it up, but just got it...
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    Terrible Guarantee That I Failed To Meet

    I've been laughing at Lyft's terrible guarantees in my market. The most recent was $95 for 15 trips over the weekend - that's only $6.33 per trip. Well, somehow I did 15 Lyft trips on Friday, and had to get comp'd $8.10 by Lyft because I didn't earn the $95. Pathetic.
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    Uber Dead This week

    I don't know about anyone else, but Uber has been totally dead for me this week. I've worked my normal hours every day this week, except for Christmas, and can't buy an Uber trip. I've only managed 18 Uber trips all week working full days, and 12 of those were on Monday. Meanwhile, I'm getting...
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    Lyft PPZ change?

    Yesterday afternoon I turned Lyft on and found myself in the dead center of a pink zone, with $1.65 showing to start. But the dollar amount never started counting up, just stayed at $1.65. I declined the first trip request because the pick up was 14 minutes away - and the $1.65 stayed with me. I...
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    What's with the Uber app today??

    I work the same schedule every day. I start at 6:30 am in Manchester, and I have no problem getting local pick ups. Until today. I turn on the app. and get 6 trip requests in a row that are over 15 minutes away - all in Hartford. I rejected all of them (who actually accepts a 22 minute pick up...
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    Uber tries to trick me into taking a long distance trip

    So I am at Diamond level (I'm sooo proud), so I get to see the trip length before I accept it. Yesterday I get a trip request while I'm completing another trip, and the request doesn't tell me the trip length, it just says scheduled trip. Because the pick up was across the street from where I...
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    Driverless Cars Will Never Become Legal

    Here is a recent article from The Street:
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    Uber Research email

    Just got an email from Uber. They are offering $150 for a 90 minute in person session to do some sort of research. It's in Stamford on 9/5 and 9/6. Check you emails. Maybe it's worth the $$ to you.
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    UCONN Football

    Are you ready to drive drunk college kids back to campus? Last year I did it, but only when the surge hit at least 2.0x. Curious to see what it will be like with the flat surge. I can assure you that I won't be moving my car for less than a +$18 surge.
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    Strike Tomorrow?

    Anyone else planning on striking tomorrow 7-9am? I am. I am a consistent and reliable driver for these companies - working the same hours every week and do about 80-100 trips a week. The games they are playing affect full-timers quite a bit, and it's time for us to push back.
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    Wait time policy at intermediate stops

    What's Lyft's policy on how long we are supposed to wait at stops during a trip? Uber is 3 minutes (Ha!), but I don't know about Lyft. Today I ended a trip at the stop and ditched the passengers after more than 10 minutes on a minimum fare ride. I got a whole $.89 for the 10+ minutes I waited...
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    Streak Madness

    It happens with Uber too, but it seems like all day there are short trips with close pick ups available UNTIL it is Streak time. Then the minutes to pick up get longer and the trips get longer. Lyft has been doing 5 trips for $10 afternoon Streaks in my market, and it has become like a death...
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    Red Light Cameras Being Considered AGAIN

    Just when you think an issue dies, it comes right back. The state legislature has a couple bills in committee that involve relight cameras. One would authorize a task force to study it, the other would immediately authorize speed cameras in highway work zones...