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    Does Whatsapp show you 'Online' when Ubering?

    Force stop whatsapp in settings
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    Uber should promote tipping.

    Cheap people take uber because they don't want to pay for a real taxi. Cheap people dont wanna and most likely won't tip because they could end becoming $2 or worse $5 poorer. They could lose their house, become homeless, due to that $5 tip.
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    Talk to much.Talk to little.

    To talk or not to talk : that is the question o_O
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    Gun pressed against my face while I was driving last night... happy Halloween!

    Uber response is just a copy paste reply. I will make this very clear: THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE DRIVERS! Dude, this is a police case. Take this to the police and show them the trip history. They have the technology to track down the exact rider. Uber will not help.
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    Some taxi drivers are sweethearts

    Why wud u be such a jerk? I've come across many taxi drivers while ubering who didn't seem to show any enmity against me. They just said hi how u doing. At the end, we're all just trying to make a living, and not going on a road raging rampage.
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    Best Gas Card Rewards

    Esso has this card which gives you a discount on gas. However, it runs out fast and you have to purchase a new card after some time. Ultramar's gas prices are usually lower compared to other gas stations. Shell gas stations' prices are for some reason higher than most other gas stations. I try...
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    Pool never again

    I visited the Missisauga uber office last week to pickup my sticker. While there I asked to not receive pool requests. I was told I have to take pool. I asked why. And the guy said if I don't a) it would bring down my rating b) my acceptance rate would plummet. He also said if I continue...
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    facedrive: where drivers earn more..

    What are the chances that this company would become popular and known among the general public? I mean Uber is quite popular and to have it known among the general public would require a lot of effort. Uber is a billionaire corporation and to compete with it is almost impossible. I can't seem to...
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    Situation code red

    Then you clearly havent read Bill C-26, Self Defence and Defence of Property. Section 34 (1): SELF-DEFENCE 34 (1) A person is not guilty of an offence if (a) they believe on reasonable grounds that force is being used against them or another person or that a threat of force is being made...
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    Situation code red

    I dont understand why u need to be scared or even care that there are cabbies. Just say hi to them and continue ubering!! What can they really do to u? Ignore them
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    Situation code red

    Its ok to use against criminals & dangerous animals as self defense, if needed. Nah mean? ;)
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    Reported Issues

    Are you speaking from personal experience?
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    Reported Issues

    Some people are just straight up bastards. Someone reported me for lack of professionalism. Like what do u need? Wear a tuxedo and pick u up in a flashy black BMW?
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    buying new car

    DriveHer will take away almost most of the potential female passengers; thus cutting whatever income we make even more. I guarantee you DriveHer is really gonna hurt our income by at least 50%! That's gonna a real challenge for Uber and a real competitor.
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    Dangerous u-turn of a taxi driver

    If only he was t boned by a tractor trailer while in process Just sayin :rolleyes:
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    Dangerous pickup location

    I once had to pick these 3 pathetic drunk losers. The minute i get there, they are involved in a physical altercation with some other drunk group out on the street! They're fighting and shouting, throwing punches at each other. Then the girl in the group jumps in front of one of the guys and...
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    Driving for Uber is depressing

    Agreed driving around and having to deal with various kind of people can be frustrating, annoying & sometimes maybe even infuriating. But at least we are making some decent money. There is good & bad in everything. Nothing is perfect or totally sublime. You need to free yourself from agonizing...
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    Actual best uber driver in Canada

    I wonder if all the toronto uber drivers were featured in canada's worst driver, how many of them would actually win?
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    Why not just simply work the holiday or events?

    Have fun on black friday!
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    Ridiculous passenger

    Under the Trespass to Property Act, the minute you tell someone to get out of your car and the person doesn't, he/she is trespassing and you can either call the police or use reasonable force. However, the latter can work against you (although law permits under certain cirumstances). Uber will...