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  1. Breezze

    The Bulls Is Charging

    Dow dip his toe at historical 30,000 today while Nasdaq went over 12,000 Trump marked his Presidency Era with Dow History High ... MAGA
  2. Breezze

    This Sucks !

    This pretty much kill the remaining hope to make money for the next few weeks ... Not just drivers ... restaurant going to suffer hard! LA County to halt outdoor dining starting Wednesday ...
  3. Breezze

    Don’t Ruin It

    Investors love it the way it is
  4. Breezze

    Sports Will Kershaw Screw Up Again At World Series

    Another chance for him to redeem his worth ... Or will his playoff nightmare continued
  5. Breezze

    Boost It Up

    Straight out 1% service fees for the 20% tiers driver during boost hour
  6. Breezze

    Lyft Admin Cancelled

    Anyone has this before? The map in the record is blue out. It’s usually passenger cancelled. Is this where Lyft reassign the trip to another driver?
  7. Breezze

    Politics $1,200 Can Nancy Hear This?

    Trump wants to give out money ... Are you listening Nancy?
  8. Breezze

    Covid Trump’s symptoms were “very concerning.”

    Sources tells reporters next 48 hours will be critical
  9. Breezze

    News POTUS Tested Positive

  10. Breezze

    What’s Next For Clippers?

    I think Doc should go... He’s a great mentor but his style is old school ... Clippers need a new generation coach ...
  11. Breezze

    Prop 22 and 23

    There are 12 Measures on the November California ballot... Prop 22 (Yes) and Prop 23 (No) are by far the most one sided measures and heavily backup by public listing companies ... It’s hard to see this companies fail
  12. Breezze

    Kobe Bryant Blvd

    Kobe Bryant will have a street named after him. A portion of Figueroa St. will be named after Bryant. The street will be renamed for Bryant between W Olympic Blvd and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
  13. Breezze

    Will Dual Models Solve The Problem?

    Will Uber Lyft eventually choose this route? Companies offer same type of job under both environments - Employee and Independent Contractor. Trucking: Drivers vs Owner Operator Doctors / Healthcare Providers: Staff Models vs Independent Physicians TV / Internet: In House Technicians vs...
  14. Breezze

    Dara Care For You

    From Your Uber’s CEO ...
  15. Breezze

    Missing Ants

    So, I assume when you set the multiplier to a higher rate your ant vehicle won’t show up on the rider map unless they type in a destination address?
  16. Breezze

    Opening Summer 2020

    SoFi Stadium were suppose to host the 1st event tonight This has been ruined ... Sorry SWIFTIE
  17. Breezze

    Goodbye $600

    The Republican coronavirus relief plan will extend enhanced unemployment insurance “based on approximately 70% wage replacement. Here are other provisions of the Republican plan, according to Mnuchin: $105 billion to help schools reopen, with funds partly dependent on schools reopening The...
  18. Breezze

    Covid For The First Time In 75 Years

    There will be no Rose Parade to kickoff 2021 New Year ... Still a long way before large event and music festival with crowd may return
  19. Breezze

    Covid LAUSD Won’t Reopen Campus This Fall

    This will be a long school year for kids! I kind of dislike distance learning ... Kids does not pay attention sitting at home
  20. Breezze

    LAX Surge

    Turn on surge app out of the bored ... 3.6x looks legit from Passenger app ... wonder how much driver get pay with the new feature to set your own multiplier .. will it still be cap at 2.5x?