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  1. Neoboi

    No car seat crazies

    Per chp and 311 tnc vehicles aren't "rides for hire" that's taxis and limos. But the bottom line is my car, my liability.
  2. Neoboi

    Bumper sticker: $700 with a custom phone number

    I got one but it had a URL not a phone number and bullshit about referrals in the packaging it came in.
  3. Neoboi

    Uber partner app now on the App Store.

    I got the option about a feature wishlist from some uber survey and one of their options was "the option to inform riders ahead of time Im not feeling very social at the moment"
  4. Neoboi

    Not eligible for Instant Pay Right Now

    Ubers Twitter team is a joke. Almost every reply is "refer to" for riders. And for drivers it's "please use help in your uber partner app" Now, @asklyft on Twitter. Omg. Freaking awesome
  5. Neoboi

    Uber's navigation leads to illegal and dangerous turns

    I got the email like 4 weeks in a row. Apparently it takes 6 or so according to REX HAVOC and after the first deactivation you can go to Daly City and promise to behave and get reactivated.
  6. Neoboi

    Break time. What you guys at for the morning?

    You can't pool outside of the pool service area, and that would be Castro valley if you're headed toward Stockton.
  7. Neoboi

    TNC lot lol

    The only time I go to the lot is if I'm at sfo dropping so,elme and having a peemergency
  8. Neoboi

    Driving blind

    If you uninstall and re download the uber app, there's a chance you'll get a different version and it will be fixed......there's like 30+ versions of the app floating around out there for android and iOS at any given time.
  9. Neoboi

    Pax was Passed out AND it was Surging!

    If u follow myuberdriver on twitter, the bot retweeted it
  10. Neoboi

    Pax was Passed out AND it was Surging!

    I think that's only live in SF
  11. Neoboi

    Backseat driver who takes the cake.

    Are you playing music thru the uber app??? That's pandora
  12. Neoboi

    Backseat driver who takes the cake.

    They can only control music if you use the Uber pandora inside the driver app, via aux or Bluetooth....and for them to control it, they have to do it thru the rider app. If they wanna change it, that's fine with me (via the app) or ask for it to be off, or volume up or down, or request a radio...
  13. Neoboi

    Backseat driver who takes the cake.

    Not at all he changed the music via the rider app, the way it was designed to work...I just didn't like his music....
  14. Neoboi

    Backseat driver who takes the cake.

    picked up a pax in los altos, first he and his buddy tried to bring open beers in my car, nixed that with a quickness....3 people going to mariposa and hampshire in the city...bro of the group proceeds to tell turn by turn directions (which I already had) to the address in Menlo Park, to pickup...
  15. Neoboi

    signed up to do deliveries cuz Uber said can have separate from drive pax acct but now can't log in

    You sure can.....they setup multiple cars in your profile.....and you just go offline real quick and switch between. I have a profile for delivery only, delivery and uberx, and ubers only.
  16. Neoboi

    Picking up a customer's client

    Prescription medication transport is regulated by the dea.
  17. Neoboi

    Picking up a customer's client

    I wouldn't ever do that. Even having non narcotic prescriptions that aren't yours is technically illegal. And medication couriers carry different insurance and are bonded etc.
  18. Neoboi

    Picking up a customer's client

    If the rider name is "gogo" it's from it's a great service and they really do need the ride. The uber user name would be gogo that is.....they send you a ton of text messages....I've done maybe 5 or 6 gogo trips in the peninsula and every little old lady/dude i pickup is so...
  19. Neoboi

    How bad is UberEats?

    SF is a total nogo for eats. I enjoy the breakup of monotany of just driving people around in the south bay service area, I just won't do any restaurants on Castro st in mtn view or university ave in Palo average payout for eats trips in the South Bay is $ highest being...
  20. Neoboi

    Drivers Paying for Uber Pool Passengers

    Tell them to look in their own computer system and get that information. It's not your responsibility to track that. They're a technology company. This is their blunt and direct. It's quite possibly one of the funnier parts of my day telling support how they are behaving...