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  1. BrooklynDodger

    Driving Uber Under Your Company

    Does anyone know how to go about driving Uber under your company name?
  2. BrooklynDodger

    Advice on driving for a black car base

    I recently signed up with a six stars of new york black car base. has anyone worked with them and does anyone have any advice for a rookie? I've been driving private clients for years but never worked for a base. I'm also an independent owner/operator.
  3. BrooklynDodger

    Personlized NYC TLC Plates

    I ordered personlized NYC Tlc plates to brand the business. Does anyone know the process for notifying Uber and Tlc?
  4. BrooklynDodger

    UberX (SUV) New vs Uber Black SUV

    Just recently signed up for Uber with my Black 2011 Chevy Suburban LTZ. Picked up a couple of riders and noticed that all my pings werer UberX. Reached out to my friend who has a black suv and he told me that his account is set up to only accept uber black jobs. So I reached out to uber and...