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    EcoRIDES [Green Car Booking Service]

    I'm getting a "website expired" notice from squarespace on this site:
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    High score, low pay: why the gig economy loves gamification
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    Hamilton’s Burlington Street East tops CAA’s list of worst roads in Ontario

    Would you agree?
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    Why no Uber XL or Select in Hamilton?

    I find it strange that these services are not offered in areas like Hamilton and Niagara yet they are offered in areas where Uber is not even approved to operate like Orillia, Midland, Collingwood etc that has a much smaller population. Same with Oshawa where there is no approval to operate and...
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    Question about in app vehicle ability

    How do the Uber/Lyft apps interpret vehicle availability if all logged on vehicles are currently on a call? Does it say that no cars are available the same as it would if there were no drivers logged on?
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    Are PTC's Public For Hire Vehicles?

    This subject I thought deserved it's own thread. So are PTC's also considered public vehicles for hire as some on here might like to think? I don't blame any of you for thinking that you are, as it would be a natural assumption since you are now officially regulated,but........ According to the...
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    From the Horses mouth regarding HST

    Required reading here folks: It's aimed at Quebec but the rules are the same. It should hopefully clear up a number of misconceptions. Also included is a statement that relates to including HST in your income if using the quick method. So...
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    Is O-Ride adding HST to the fares of the PTC Vehicles?

    Does anyone know if O-Ride is adding HST as of July 1st? Also can any one tell me if they have a tip option and if so, is it for taxis only or all vehicles on their platform?
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    Who wants to ask for a Tax ruling?

    I just got thinking. Now that Uber and other PTC's have been deemed a taxi service in the eyes of the CRA, I wonder if you would also qualify as a taxi as far as claiming depreciation goes? As a taxi, I am in cca class 16 which allows me 40% yearly depreciation on the vehicle. I am sure there is...
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    Why is the booking fee shown as being charged, then removed?

    I am not on the platform but am trying to figure out what the purpose is of showing rider fees as charged but then removed on the screen shots I'm seeing? Uber is calculating HST on those fees but you are not getting a portion of that fee in your net earnings. The way I see it, Uber is forcing...
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    Is Black car shooting itself in the foot?

    By taking select pings? From what I've been told (especially at the airport), if you order a select you have a pretty good chance of a black car or suv showing up. If that's the case, is black car diminishing it's brand by accepting select orders? Basically black car is using the platform to...
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    I don't know if this has been discussed yet (didn't come up in a search), but saw these guys advertising on Kijiji looking for drivers Their Ottawa rates look like shyte but the fee is only 5%.
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    Driverless vehicles in Uber by 2021?

    Ford Motor Co. plans to offer a fully automated driverless vehicle to commercial ride-sharing fleets such as Uber in 2021, the automaker announced Tuesday. Ford chief technical officer Raj Nair said in an interview that the company likely will not offer a similar driverless car, without...