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    Best (& cheapest) place for tire repair near UC?

    Got a nail in my tire that needs to be fixed. Tried taking it to Goodyear where they claim they'll fix it for free, but they said it's too close to the sidewall (it's like 2-3 inches away, "free" is a scam to sell new tires). Got it to a friend's place in UC, but it deflated pretty badly...
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    Babies without carseat/booster seat.

    What do you guys do when this happens? It's happening to me regularly and I'm pretty sure it's illegal. I'm pretty fed up with it.
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    Anyone have guarantees showing in their Aug 1 statement?

    Just wondering if they are still processing guarantees and I can expect them to show up on Wednesday or if I'm getting @@@@ed. UPDATE: It's all good, they came through today (Wednesday).
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    Is there an acceptance rate requirement for guarantees?

    I seem to have gotten guarantees in the past even if my acceptance rate sucked, as long as did the necessary number of rides/hr. I had really bad acceptance rates this week thanks to the chaos but did hit the ride/hr goals for a lot of the guarantee hours. I just checked through everything and...
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    Anyone work center city weeknights?

    How much do you average /hr before expenses?