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  1. Smellb4rain

    Uber claims my rating fell down to 4.38 . Therefore refusing to pay me my incentives.

    Go to the Hub and make a stink about it. I've found its harder for these @@@@@@@@ to screw us over when they have to look you in the eye to do it.
  2. Smellb4rain

    Uber boulder employee terrible customer

    Just picked up a guy from what allegedly is the office they are putting in for Uber Boulder in Louisville. Says he works for uber and is setting up the office but 1. Makes me wait 15 minutes to even come down from the office only reason I even stayed was surge pricing and the 15 minute drive...
  3. Smellb4rain

    Locations that are highway adjacent

    So if uber and whomever program the gps could get their shit together when it comes to locations that are right off of a highway it would be much appreciated, I mean don't get me wrong asking a customer to walk out on one of the biggest highways in Denver sounds well and good but the 15 minutes...