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  1. Uber48208

    Lyft bumps to $0.80 / mile in Detroit

    Good looking out by them to see Uber adding a little extra (to account for insurance) and following suit
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    Eligibility for Scheduled Pickups?

    Hi, I'm in Detroit. Members of our Facebook Detroit groups tell me they're seeing the scheduled ride tab appear on their menu or on bottom of app. I have still yet to see the feature. Anyone have a clue if there are certain eligibility requirements to be able to see that feature in your...
  3. Uber48208

    New 1099 gig coming to AA & Ypsi... I'm making $15/hour in Detroit

    Hey guys - haven't been active in UP since last Fall and haven't posted in AA group more than once.. that said, as far as U/L - I'm doing very very very (destination mode only) driving because my "new" (since December) part time side gig is netting me between $15-$17 an hour and that figure...
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    Another 1099 gig in Detroit... making $15+/hour right now

    Hey guys - long time, no chat ... still doing very very very (destination mode only) U/L driving but my new part time side gig is netting me between $15-$17 an hour and that figure will be going up in a couple weeks once they launch alcohol delivery. Ever considered personal grocery shopping...
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    Lyft's LOL-destination filter

    Anyone in Detroit had success with it? ANYONE? Hi guys - first time in a long time here... that said, only driving I do is Destination from home to work and back. I literally have run it alongside Uber Destination for 2 months now and in the 35-40 (not an exaggeration) plus times I've run it...
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    6:30 AM Blocks?

    OK, I'm still new. . . Just a month into this. I have no problem leaving the FC at 6:30 but part of our logistics training is to knock on doors when we drop off a package . . . How early is TOO early to do that? If you've done this block before, what tips do you have? Reality is the first...
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    Let's talk Carts/Dollys...

    After flipping through threads, I've come up with some ideas as I've pondered investing in one... Pros and Cons - welcome your thoughts and other ideas too... __ Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon Around $60 - $70 Weighs 25 lb Load up to 150 lb Open: 36" D x 20" W x 22" H Folded: 30" H x 20"...
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    It appears not everyone is a fan of Amazon Logistics

    H-o-l-y C-o-w... this is great reading... EDIT: Changed links to start with NEWEST first and added a couple more below too...
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    Woke up to phone flickering bright green

    Not sure if this is related to Amazon app or not but I just got activated on Tuesday and have had the full version on my phone for a little over 48 hours now... I have a Samsung S7 Edge and at 3:15 this morning, I woke up to the bottom half of my screen pulsating with green lights... I turned...
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    First Shift, I got the UTL's

    Got approved Tuesday and have been waiting to see a block pop up that would be convenient to try... Came today on my way home from my 9-5. 5:30pm, two hours... Facility is nowhere near where majority of people live in Detroit but I figured "why not".... Show up, get four packages... delivery...
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    Uber to Require Random Driver ID Checks

    I posted this in MESSAGES before realizing nobody actually reads that subforum...
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    ID Checks now Required for Drivers?

    This is an interesting email from the Mothership... they'll be requiring you to take a photo of your face to make sure you're indeed the one driving the car before random shifts...
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    Passenger Referral - "Cumulative" missing

    At some point this past weekend, I realized the section showing cumulative referrals was all zero'd out... Not a huge deal as I've been paid on all the ones that appeared before they went missing - more concerned that future referrals will still be applied correctly... Am I the only one or is...
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    Strange Detroit Surge

    I guess this is what happens when all the drivers hang out downtown waiting for the PM drive rush? Literally EVERYTHING but downtown surging...
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    I got my first "Driving Report" today

    Perfect on smooth breaks 22 / 25 on smooth accelerations Both captioned "Great Work". I guess this is where I take a bow? EDIT: No bow to be taken... I was flagged for "Friendliness" on a Lyft ride.. my first ever "Flag" in my weekly feedback summary... and I managed to piss off the automated...
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    Raining $$ in Ann Arbor

    Michigan football + Rain...
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    Friday Podcast Announcement

    Guesses? I'm guessing UberPOOL
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    Lions create Uber Pick-Up/Drop-off Zone

    DETROIT LIONS ANNOUNCE NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH UBER DETROIT — The Detroit Lions announced today a new partnership with Uber as the official rideshare partner for the 2016 season. The partnership includes an Uber-exclusive pickup and drop-off point located along the northbound E Fisher Service...
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    Dear Lyft,

    I miss you. I've done Uber for three weeks now and realize why so many people on this board are miserable when they tell stories about dealing with Uber's passengers and their general lack of respect for the driver. It's been a long two weeks since you last offered me a place to hang out...
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    Lyft PAX Referral now $10 in Detroit

    $20 since I signed up in April til now. Figures I just bought referral cards last week...... Sigh.