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  1. shockmaster

    Anyone wake up with a mysterious lift deposit?

    Haven’t driven lyft in a month. Woke up with a $150 deposit from them in my account. Not complaining. I guess I got their Christmas bonus early? My birthday is on Monday so maybe that too? Lol right. Still, not going to ask them questions. Just going to take my money and shut up.
  2. shockmaster

    Lyft weekly Incentives and bonuses

    I recently turned back my Hertz rental, and am now using my personal car. When I was using hertz, Lyft had It’s on weekly incentives and bonuses, this week is my first week with my personal car and it’s not showing any weekly bonuses or ride count guarantees or incentives. Does anybody know if I...
  3. shockmaster

    BMW X1 for Lyft and Uber?

    Have a friend who wants to do some Lyft and Uber driving on the side (tried to warn him, it’s his grave). He has a 2013 BMW X1 he wants to use. Lyft said they aren’t allowing small compact cars any longer. Would an X1 fall under that category?
  4. shockmaster

    Lyft says I’m Ineligible For instant pay as they manually review a ride

    Had anyone dealt with this before? I completed a ride from studio city to Santa Barbara. It was 2 tourists from Germany. I’m assuming they may be putting a fraud review on the ride since it was a new account and a long ride? I can’t cash out anything I’ve made today at all, let alone the $100 I...
  5. shockmaster

    Offered cash to drive from LA to San Francisco. Would you do it?

    I just drove a family from Pakistan on vacation. They said they offered another lyft driver $300 to take them from Las Vegas to LA and he did it. I drove them from Hollywood to Magic Mountain and he is asking me if I would take them from LA to San Francisco tomorrow evening for cash. I drive a...
  6. shockmaster

    Figured I would get on lyft for fun after a while...

    About $6 an hour before gas, wear, depreciation and taxes. Not bad!
  7. shockmaster

    Forward facing dash cam question.

    Does anyone know California law to a forward facing dash cam? My brother was just rear ended which caused him to be pushed into the car in front of him. Now the driver who rear ended my brother is staring to insurance that my brother rear ended the car infront of him resulting in her rear ending...
  8. shockmaster

    Pax denies making mess in my car.

    Received a 45+ ping around 5:45 PM in West Hollywood. Showed up and as they were getting into my car I saw the unfortunate destiination of staples Center. 50 minutes for 8 miles To make an already atrocious ride worth, One of the passengers spilled coffee all over my seat as they were leaving. I...
  9. shockmaster

    LOL lyft guarentee 200%

    id be shocked if anyone gets a ping when every lyft driver and their mother is saturating the streets.
  10. shockmaster

    What’s more important?

    Saving money for Uncle Sam? or saving money for the New Year slow down of hours without pings?
  11. shockmaster

    45 min no request. Lyft

    been online since 7:20am. It’s now almost 8:15am with no ping. Live near universal studios and I always get rides ASAP here. Off to a good start
  12. shockmaster

    1 hour online, no pings.

    Beenn online for almost 2 1/2 hours, received 4 minimum rides within the first hour and a half, nie been online for an hour straight with not a single ping. Anybody else experiencing this on the Lyft?
  13. shockmaster

    So no prime time ever again?

    its been about 5 days since I've seen any really surge "prime time" on lyft in the last 5 days. Maybe because of the holiday? Going away forever? Charging passengers for prime time but not paying drivers?
  14. shockmaster

    Anyone get this lyft express pay message?

    i received a text from lyft after trying to cash out with express pay. Has anyone had this issue and does it actually take an extra 5 days to receive my "express pay" i drove for uber for years and this is my first time driving lyft so I have no clue. Is it because it's my first lyft express...
  15. shockmaster

    Uber taking 46%?

    i just did a ride, 44 miles for $35 at base fare. Uber X. There was no traffic and it took me 45 minutes. The gentleman asked me what the total was so he could tip me accordingly, and I told him I don't see the total, only they do. His wife then told him the app told her it would cost $62. I got...
  16. shockmaster

    A morning like old days.

    feels good. Too bad it's just luck.
  17. shockmaster

    Verizon brought back unlimited data

    Today Verizon brought back unlimited LTE data. I was on a shared 60 gig data plan for my families 4 lines. Went over every now and then but had to be cautious. Called in first thing today and changed my plan to unlimited on all 4 lines. Ended up reducing my bill by $72. If you have Verizon I...
  18. shockmaster

    Matched with a closer rider, lower surge

    On my way to pick up 2.3x when I was matched with a closer rider on a 1.7x surge. Thought they couldn't do that.
  19. shockmaster

    Idea for pool and x

    this may come off as a bit controversial, and some may be offended. What if uber determined who received pool pings and who received X pings by the year/make/condition of their vehicle. I'll call an uber x and the car that comes a lot of times is old, dirty, scratched up, stained, smelly and...
  20. shockmaster

    Thank you uber.

    Started out my week with -$108 because their issues properly deducting fuel expenses. Had to work off $108 EXCLUDING boosts to even use instant pay. I've can't expect their drivers to plan for their mistakes.