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  1. tradedate

    Is it worth it to 1 star riders?

    What's the best way to rate bad customers? If I 1 star them, they see it and then they'll give me a one star too, right? How do you guys handle it?
  2. tradedate

    Make $4 for three consecutive trips!

    Drivers are like....
  3. tradedate

    Really bad app navigation

    Is it just me, or have other people noticed the app navigation has been going from great to really bad? I find myself having to make decisions to trust it, or follow my own common sense all the time. It's a mix of bad directions and telling me to stop slightly off from the location I really...
  4. tradedate

    New pay period coming

    Just got a message in the app: Starting on Monday 9/3, your earnings period will shift from 4am Monday through 4am Monday to noon Tuesday through noon Tuesday.
  5. tradedate

    Philadelphia Rain and flooding

    Lots of bad weather, flooding, and road closures today. Be safe and smart out there today fellas. Pax won't care about asking you to drive through conditions they never would. Look out for #1, YOU. No one else has your back out there.
  6. tradedate

    Where's the driver discounts

    All of a sudden the discounts don't show in the driver app. I had to go into the website just to find them. Weird.
  7. tradedate

    Here's an idea, free rides for drivers

    I think it would be great if Uber and Lyft offered free rides for their drivers. Maybe something like 2-4 trips a month, up to $25 in cost per ride. Think about when you need to get your own car serviced, you could get a ride home and back to the mechanic, rather than having to sit there for...
  8. tradedate

    Impossible Lyft Referral

    So I drove some guy home about a week ago started chatting. Turns out he's driven for Uber in his free time before. I asked him if he'd tried Lyft. He says no, so I tell him about it and give him my referral code for a bonus. I get notified a week later, that he's in the process of signing up...
  9. tradedate

    Cheap dash cam at CVS

    I saw these cheap dash cams available in CVS. Not sure about the quality, but for $40 its worth a shot for those who are interested. Includes a 5 Gb SD card, expandable up to 32 gigs. Can be flipped around to view the inside or outside of the car.
  10. tradedate

    What if a tip really was included?

    With all the complaints about lack of tipping, and the false narrative about tips being already included, I started thinking. How much happier would drivers be if Uber & Lyft changed their billing to actually include a mandatory tip. Something like a standard 20% with a $2.00 minimum (whichever...
  11. tradedate

    What's the rule on Trade Dress Stickers

    Do we have to post the Uber/Lyft stickers in our window? What's the laws across Philly, the rest of PA, NJ, DE? Anyone get in trouble for not displaying the trade dress?
  12. tradedate

    I think I've had enough

    I was talking to some people I know, who don't know I've driven occasionally as a part time weekend gig. They are talking about how great the service is, the fares are cheap, better than taxis, etc. They even mention how sometimes they've gotten water and gum. Then I hear how you don't have to...
  13. tradedate

    What's the Consensus on Drive thru-Requests?

    I've seen several people mention riders asking them to stop at restaurant drive thru windows. I haven't gotten this request yet, but I would not prefer it. I can't see myself sitting in line waiting behind cars at Uber's per minute rate. I also don't want people with greasy fries and dripping...
  14. tradedate

    Car charger requests need to stop

    Its always young people who are addicted to their phones. They leave home, get in the car then suddenly realize, "oh I should have charged my phone before going out". I am not stocking a charger for every old iphone, new iphone, micro usb, mini usb, and whatever other connection is out there...
  15. tradedate

    I think I got one starred for no good reason

    I completed my 100th trip this Saturday night. This is just an occasional weekend side hustle for me. I thought I had mostly good trips. Everything was going well. All of a sudden I wake up this morning and see my rating dipped from 4.81 to 4.71. I only had one trip that could have been...
  16. tradedate

    I think I'm being pimped

    So I usually drive part time on the weekends. I hadn't driven in a few weeks due to personal matters taking up my time. I get this text message today. UBER: We noticed you haven't driven for 4 weeks now. Get back on the road and start earning again today: This sounds...
  17. tradedate

    Pennsylvania Insurance Coverage

    Who provides insurance coverage for Uber in Pennsylvania?
  18. tradedate

    One billionth Uber Trip

    The one billionth Uber trip was taken before the end of the year. From Uber's newsroom: December 30, 2015 Posted by Lori Marvin and Ara just made our day. Their £5 London uberX ride together on Christmas Eve from London Fields, Hackney to Hoxton...
  19. tradedate

    How do you handle bad weather as a driver

    So these past couple of days were really rainy. Considering the insurance issues associated with ride sharing how do you all deal with driving in bad conditions? Do you think its worth it given the risk? I only drive part time for the extra money. I have another 9 to 5 type job for my main...
  20. tradedate

    How to handle multiple stops

    Hi all. I'm a new driver. I've seen a few instances where someone gets in the car, has a destination entered, but they want me to stop and pick up a friend on the way. One guy wanted to stop at a corner store on the way to his house. Another wanted me to stop, pick up his cousin, then stop at a...