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  1. getme2srq

    Cannot upload new NJ drivers license

    I recently received a new standard NJ drivers license. The license is laminated and the lamination contains images of the seal of NJ. It turns out that when you take a picture of the license, the lamination produces a glare and the NJ seal also obscures the image. I'm assuming this is a security...
  2. getme2srq

    How do you get waybill of a completed ride?

    I've only been able to get waybill for the last ride.
  3. getme2srq

    New Uber Agreements

    Two new Uber agreements were released today. Uber Platform Access Agreement January 6, 2020 Section 3.4 of this agreement caught my eye. It says that Uber may or may not provide insurance and if it does, it can cancel at any time without notice. Uber Indemnity Agreement January 6, 2020 This...
  4. getme2srq

    What is your gross earnings goal?

    What is your hourly gross earnings goal?
  5. getme2srq

    Uber demographics

    Interesting read, no surprises.
  6. getme2srq

    Is Uber screening bogus ratings?

    So I got this weekly report that shows that someone dinged me on every category. Yet the weekly rating was still 5.0. I'm wondering if Uber is recognizing this as bogus and rejecting the rating on my account. Thoughts??
  7. getme2srq

    UBER Class action suit

    Got the email below. Read the notice and see if joining is for you. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster has authorized this Email Notice and its contents. The purpose of this Email Notice is to inform you of a nationwide collective action lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) against...
  8. getme2srq

    Express Pool = NO BOOST

    I only accept pool while surging, boost, or to satisfy Quest. I will now reject Express Pool unless surging or need to satisfy Quest!
  9. getme2srq

    Eclipse day gem

    Me: Have you got your glasses for this afternoon's eclipse? Pax: No, is that this afternoon? I thought it was tonight. :D
  10. getme2srq


    Picked up a VIP UberX this morning on 21st and Market. After completing ride I noticed that I did not get a boost even though the ride was in the boost zone. Contacted support and received the answer below...
  11. getme2srq

    Inside the mind of an entitled snowflake
  12. getme2srq

    UberPool rates going up

    Mileage rate going from $1.10 to $1.15. Minimum fare going from $6.00 to $6.20 Booking fee going from $1.25 to $1.45
  13. getme2srq

    Quest headache

    I was able to hit the 7 ride Quest promotion on Wednesday. After a couple of days, it did not show up on my earnings. Contacted support, what a PITA!! It took 7 emails from me to get it resolved. First they said I only completed 6 rides and they gave me the $25 incentive. I provided the 7...
  14. getme2srq

    Outside of zone for Quest promo

    I did not receive a Quest incentive for last week ($25 for 5 rides). I contacted support and they told me one of my rides was outside the Quest zone. I looked at my rides again and they are all well within the zone. I asked them to identify the trip that was outside the zone. Awaiting their...
  15. getme2srq

    Uber waging psycho warfare on drivers

    This shouldn't be news to any veteran drivers:
  16. getme2srq

    Looks like I pissed somebody off

    Now ask me if I give a hoot.
  17. getme2srq

    I wonder what this guy's rating is
  18. getme2srq

    PA inspection headaches...BEWARE

    PUC now requires a PA safety inspection sticker in order to drive Uber/Lyft. That means us NJ drivers have to get a PA inspection, not something we're used to. Went to a Pep Boys in Philly for inspection. They advised me that I had to replace my front struts due to oil leakage. Repair estimate...
  19. getme2srq

    NJ gas tax to increase by $0.23 per gallon

    Uber cut NJ rates by 25% in January. Now comes a hefty increase in NJ gas tax. Driving Uber in NJ is getting very ugly. Email UBER and let them know that NJ drivers need a rate increase!!!
  20. getme2srq

    Here's why Lyft sucks in South Jersey (Camden/Burlington counties)

    1. Pings are far and few in between. 2. Routinely get pings that are far away which I turn down. 3. Lyft guarantees/promotions are tied to a 90% acceptance rate. Impossible for me to achieve because I do not accept far rides (#2). 4. Lyft guarantees require one ride per hour. I have...