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  1. Edgard Bocio

    First Weekend At Jersey Shore

    This past weekend was my first time working the shore.. made $322 friday and $700 saturday.. i know it wont be like this every weekend this summer, but is it safe to say that a driver can make $300 per night, fri and sat
  2. Edgard Bocio

    1099 for 2 Different States

    Hi guys, i started to do my taxes with the credit karma service. I worked both in New York and New Jersey. which uber has 2 different federal id's , how do i go about that?
  3. Edgard Bocio

    Can I file my 1099 next year

    is there a penalty if i file next year for my 2016 1099. only made like 30k or so.. maybe less.. ive done it with w2s not sure how it works with 1099
  4. Edgard Bocio

    Anyone In Jersey uses Tip Signs any other signs?

    I was thinking of using headrest no open alcoholic beverages, no smoking, tips are appreciated sign? Anyone have used this is New Jersey?
  5. Edgard Bocio

    NYE? is it worth it?

    Who has worked NYE in Jersey before, ive heard drivers making around $450 that night.
  6. Edgard Bocio

    Halloween? Is it Dangerous and worth it to Drive

    Hey guys whats up i just recently came back to drive in New Jersey since i live here and got tired of all the NY fees and crazy traffic. Just wanted to know if it's worth it to drive on Halloween and is it dangerous , has anyone had any bad rides during halloween.. Thanks
  7. Edgard Bocio

    Slow at night in Bergen County

    Is it more busy in the am like 4:30am-2pm
  8. Edgard Bocio


    Im planning on moving back to cape coral in the near future, how is the uber market out there, can you make a decent 800 per week?
  9. Edgard Bocio

    Anyonr has pandora update on android yet?

    Has anyone gotten the pandora update on their android device.
  10. Edgard Bocio

    Window Tints

    I know the NYC Window Tint Law is 70% front and rear as dark as you want.. Anyone has 50 or 60%
  11. Edgard Bocio

    lyft vs uber pay

    has anyone done the comparison on who pays the drivers more?
  12. Edgard Bocio

    Prudential Center

    there is a mega latin concert this weekend at the prudential center, is there any pick up locations
  13. Edgard Bocio

    Anyone here go to ny everyday

    Is there any passengers here that order uber every day to ny. From bergen county. Have questions
  14. Edgard Bocio

    Driving with TLC License Expired, Waiting for New One In the Mail!

    I stared myt renewal process.. My TLC expired yesterday. Uber gave me extention on the platform all they asked was for the receipt saying that i paid for the renewal.. TLC told me it would take about 1 week. Can i still drive out there? and if i do and get stopped would i get ticketed?
  15. Edgard Bocio

    Refund or not?

    Would it be possible to get refund if you made $24k
  16. Edgard Bocio

    Teaneck Marriot at Glenpointe

    Does anyone regularly do pickups there?
  17. Edgard Bocio

    who works in the bronx

    Who has worked in the bronx? Lately ive seen a pickup in lyft users. Made a quick $100 in a couple of hours the other day and less traffic.. most of the fares was $20+
  18. Edgard Bocio

    Anyone with NYC TLC Plates Driving in Philly or Outskirts

    Hi, I am trying to find out if anyone is driving in philly with NYC TLC Plates
  19. Edgard Bocio

    Anyone Driving in Philadelphia or Outskirts with TLC Plates

    Is there anyone here driving in philly or the outskirts of philly with a tlc vehicle?
  20. Edgard Bocio

    Moving to Philly

    Hi, I am planning to move to philly around february.. i live in New Jersey and I drive in NY and NJ i have TLC Plates. Anyone know the process of having NY TLC plates in Philly and also is it possible to Net $1,000 per week