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  1. tradedate

    EWR return

    So, how do you handle that with the pax? Do you give them an excuse to cancel the trip after they are in your car and you already hit start trip on the app?
  2. tradedate

    EWR return

    I will usually take the NJ turnpike down to exit 9, then 18 north to route 1 south. From there it's a toll free drive all the way down to Trenton and across the bridge to PA. You can skip the route 1 bridge toll at the border by taking the last exit. Then there's a free bridge into...
  3. tradedate

    This drives me crazy. Having a phone mount issue.

    I use the scoche suction cup mount with the magnet. I apply a small amount of hand sanitizer to the suction cup before applying it to the window. When it dries, it seals tightly. The metal plate is attached to the outside of my phone case. It works really well for me.
  4. tradedate

    wide body passengers

    That is easy. Keep a few emergency honey buns stashed in the glove box. When they reach destination, just toss one across the street and steer clear of the stampede.
  5. tradedate

    Scumbag parents with no carseats

    Heck yeah. start by contacting support and explaining your situation. They should credit you.
  6. tradedate

    Uber lays off 400 people on its marketing team

    Hopefully that includes the sorry sob that advertised "tips are included, no need to tip extra."
  7. tradedate

    180 days of change

    Hey I hope it works. Let us know if you get any useful responses.
  8. tradedate

    180 days of change

    180 days of wasting your time. You'd be better off spending that time finding another option for making income.
  9. tradedate

    “Ride sharing - Frequent stops”

    It's a combination of bad drivers, people that drunk the Uber/Lyft Koolaid, and people scared that one traffic ticket will ruin their earnings for the day.
  10. tradedate

    Disinfecting / cleaning interior?

    Many drivers are sensitive to the smell of a lot of pax. :ninja:
  11. tradedate

    Disinfecting / cleaning interior?

    Yes, That Odoban works great in the house on removing smells. You can also buy the gallon size bottles. I'll have to try it for the car.
  12. tradedate

    Too many “unsafe driving” complaints!

    I'm curious to know what he did to earn all those complaints. And how many complaints he received to trigger deactivation.
  13. tradedate

    Need advice on buying a dash cam...

    How do you go about hiding dangling wires?
  14. tradedate

    shot ..this is why pool should be illegal

    @getme2srq That's called reciprocity. Getting states to honor your state's license to carry. It makes sense. I don't need a separation driver's license for each state. Carry licenses should be given the same respect. We're a long way from getting such a law passed in this country.
  15. tradedate

    Anyone get the money today?

    @getme2srq I got you.
  16. tradedate

    Anyone get the money today?

    What money? I'm a PT'er with over 1,000 trips. Nobody offered me anything.
  17. tradedate

    shot ..this is why pool should be illegal

    Tampa guy I assume is in Florida. Different circumstances. Main concern about carrying in Philly area is you can easily end up on a trip to NJ or NY. Those states will not honor your license to carry.
  18. tradedate


    I can and will still turn my music on. Especially if its someone jabbering on the phone about nonsense. I won't do that if it's clear that the call is something urgent or important.
  19. tradedate

    Best places to piss.

    Yup. Once I get out the car and stand up, I REALLY need to go. Look for the wawa with a gas station. There the only ones guaranteed to have a restroom. Also, Walmart can be open a little later, depending on the location.
  20. tradedate

    Oil change

    Firestone. They usually have a discount coupon on their website. No need to print it.