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  1. Dawn Tower

    PDX offering cold, dark, rainy evening blocks during rush hour

    I've been checking my app every hour or so, hoping that the warehouse will drop five hour logistics blocks for tomorrow. Instead they've been dropping evening blocks. Sunset is 5pm, and its fourty degrees outside. The same 4:30 to 8:30 and 4 to 8 blocks keep popping back up, probably because...
  2. Dawn Tower

    System down at PDX warehouse

    I went in for a five hour block yesterday, and was sent home because the system had apparently crashed and there were no routes. I haven't seen logistics routes offered up since. Anyone know if the system is still down?
  3. Dawn Tower

    Any thoughts on this? (New policy)

  4. Dawn Tower

    Contacting support for 1099 correction

    I realized a couple days ago that the address I have on file with Amazon is incorrect (I accidently omitted my apartment number). I emailed the 1099 support email and asked that they resend it to the updated address. Unsurprisingly, I received a form email: Good Day, Thank you for contacting...
  5. Dawn Tower

    Working after your block has ended

    I wonder if Amazon is opening itself up to another class action lawsuit by requiring us to deliver all packages, regardless of whether we've gone past the end of our block. I keep getting 50-70 packages for a three hour block, and and all our routes are now across a busy bridge that is backed...
  6. Dawn Tower

    Crazy Flex drivers

    Noticed several people at my warehouse loading maybe ten boxes into their full size sedans and then leave the other 40. The guys at my location are generally super friendly and understanding when we are not able to safely fit our entire load, and I feel like people are taking advantage of their...
  7. Dawn Tower

    Info from Portland OR management

    I talked to Tim today. He verified that he's cancelled the 10pm drops for the time being. They will only be adding blocks during the day now. I've been having some luck between 8:30 and 10 am. He seemed confident that volume will be increasing for Flex drivers soon. We're is supposed to be...
  8. Dawn Tower

    10pm Portland Drop

    Has anyone on Portland had luck getting blocks the past few days? First the 10pm blocks dried up, now the daytime drops have stopped as well. I know the warehouse has been utilizing the vans more recently. I guess I'm just wondering if it's worthwhile logging in anymore. It's been over a month...
  9. Dawn Tower

    Onboarding at Grubhub today, Flex is ridiculously slow.

    I've decided to branch out after three weeks of Flex being slow in Portland. There's no Grubhub forum on here, so I thought I'd check to see if anyone else has had experiences with the company. It's about my only option here as far as delivery contracting goes, since my car is too old for Uber...
  10. Dawn Tower

    New pattern with Portland OR blocks

    So I've noticed the past week or so that our warehouse is releasing very few blocks at 10pm (it looks like just a few for 10:30 am). I've also noticed that they are releasing a bunch during the day. I had three notifications today, but I was doing laundry and they were all inconvenient at the...
  11. Dawn Tower

    Returning undeliverable items

    I brought back a large number of items that I couldn't deliver for the first time today. I had one stop with about 15 packages, and soon realized that I was delivering to about a dozen buildings on a college campus. I drove around for about 20 minutes. I couldn't even find the admin building...
  12. Dawn Tower

    Proof of income

    I am working on a major purchase. Since we don't exactly get a paystub from Amazon, has anyone else figured out how to show proof of income other than to bring in bank statements showing deposits?
  13. Dawn Tower

    Thanks, Amazon App

    Got a push notification for a block, when I tried to grab it the app crashed before I could accept the delivery. Awesome.
  14. Dawn Tower

    "Connectivity" problem with app

    I keep getting a red bar that says I have network connectivity problems and to check my Internet connection, even when I have four bars. Any one else experiencing this? I may just download the app again.
  15. Dawn Tower

    Small rant (Portland)

    So, my warehouse has made it so that instead of individually scanning every package, we now just scan the big yellow bags that they are delivered to us in. This is a huge time saver (or should be). In exchange for this, they seem to have increased the average parcel load. Now instead of...
  16. Dawn Tower

    Difficulty getting a block in Portland OR

    Hey Portland people! I was curious if anyone else finds block availability odd in our neck of the woods. I was pinged all weekend by the app, asking if I want to pick up shifts. Last night I tried to pick one up at 10pm, and was only offered a one at 10:30, which vanished immediately. Now I'm...