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    Who actually accepts $6 flat rate pool requests?

    You can't be serious if anyone here says they actually accept $6 flat rate pool requests? The more we ignore these rip off requests, the less the riders will request the $6 flat rate rides. I have never accepted these $6 flat rate requests and never will.
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    Shooting in Liberty Village

    Police say that the shooting took place as a club near Mowat Avenue and Liberty Street was letting out at around 4 a.m. Its disturbing to see stories like these because we as uber...
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    Carrying underage children

    I have a question. This "incident" happened to me at the Junction. I received a request from some dude. Lets call him Joe (not real name). When I get there, Joe is at the corner of Davenport & Symington, with wife and children. One was a baby and the other a really young girl who looked to be...
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    How to pick up pax from CNE?

    All entry points seem to be blocked! Does anyone know?
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    I gave a ride to the devil

    Sunday night, I gave a ride to the devil. The fare was $6.66. 666. Coincidence? I think not...
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    Watch out!! Riders will lie

    So let's say you did some trip, and ideally you should be paid accordingly. Equal work for equal pay. But then the rider will lie to uber, saying that the trip actually did not occur to have his or her money reimbursed. You get what I mean? You would see on the partner app how many kms traveled...
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    Another rant

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    30% off of tfc tickets for accepting pool?

    So idk if any of u got this email. But uber's horrible and demotivational so-called "marketing" techniques have again failed. Uber sent me an email, thanking me for accepting pool requests, and as a reward i get 30% off of tfc tickets. Do they honestly think drivers are that stupid? Like thats...
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    Uber will always favor the rider

    Doesnt matter if the rider is at fault, was rude to you, made a mess in your car, was really loud and obnoxious, thought your car is some club and blasted the music to highest volume and singing and dancing with his (or her, im not sexist) friends in your car, tried to use your car like its...
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    Trash couple with dog

    Picked up this trash couple who had a dog with them. They so insisted that i let them carry their puppy for the ride. The guy said the dog will be in his lap. So i thought oh well as long it shits in his lap, not my loss. The woman had brought this foul smelling fish with her. For the first 30...
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    A little acknowledgement ???

    U ever get those pax who dont even acknowledge the fact that theyre inside someone else's car? I mean they just sit, don't even say hi to you and ask you how you are? Those ones piss me off the most. They totally ignore and only care about getting to their destination. They're paying less than...
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    How often do uberselect drivers receive requests?

    I'm an uberx driver but thinking upgrading to uberselect( as soon as my rating goes up 4.8 :rolleyes:). I just want to know what is the traffic of uberselect requests compared to uberx? I am aware of the fact that under uberselect, you can get uberx requests, but priority is given to uberselect...
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    Glitch in app

    This has been happening for a while. I get a ride cancellation notification even though I initially did not get a ping!! How is this possible? To best of my knowledge, rides can only be cancelled if a rider requested one. Uber needs to fix this. Maybe something wrong with Uber's servers. My...
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    How to recognize an uber taxi

    Apparently there is a taxi service offered by Uber that run only within downtown and around downtown. These taxis are just like any other taxi, except that you pay through the app. But how do you recognize these cabs? What paint job do they have? What logos or words are displayed on these cabs...
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    How to get out of uberpool?

    i am noticing more and more riders are requesting uberpool due to the fact they have to pay less. Because of this, we end picking more passengers, driving around city, wasting gas, making less. One guy specifically requested a uberpool so he would save $14 (he had to go from queens quay...
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    Pax farts in car

    I was driving these 2 young guys in downtown . one of them suddenly lets out a really smelly stinky one. Doesnt even apologize or at least open the window. Instead he goes like "oh man too many substances in my stomach right now" So he knew he had a bad case of gas and instead of holding them...