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  1. RideshareSecrets

    Drivers with over 1k Rides

    Hello Uber People, I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many Rideshare drivers would love to know your answer to this question: What are 3 valuable tips to be a successful rideshare driver? Thanks in advance! Oh and naturally, I’ll include a link back you. Please message me...
  2. RideshareSecrets

    Driving For Multiple Rideshare Accounts

    How many people driver for more than 1 ridesharing company? I remember getting a ride from a uber driver and he had a total of 3 cellphones on his dash. He said he drove for Uber, Lyft and I forgot the third company. I ended up asking how much he makes and said average $2k/week. Does anyone else...
  3. RideshareSecrets

    Hello Uber People

    Hello everyone my name is A.J. I am a Lyft driver and I love it! I have been a rideshare driver for almost 2 years. I am from San Diego, CA, lived here all of my life.