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  1. Nightdriver27


    I have black leather seats and a pax left me with glitter all over and I have tried everything to get it off does anyone know how to do it?
  2. Nightdriver27

    Wrongful deactivation

    Yesterday I got a message from uber that I was being deactivated for driving impaired which I wasn't cause I've been sober 30 yrs so how do I fight this.
  3. Nightdriver27

    EDC surge

    Does anyone think they will give us a surge rate going to edc like a hourly rate for time driving there. If they give the notice of 45 minutes trip I will decline every time unless there is some bonus for that 3hr drive.
  4. Nightdriver27


    Was having a problem swiping out of a ride when I get a call from Uber saying the rider who was next wanted to cancel. Then they tell me that I am being awarded $300 for my acceptance rate and to reply to their text(see atatchment) I gave them the wrong password so then they said I couldn't go...
  5. Nightdriver27

    Account disabled

    Today I tried to use my $50 for food on uber eats and it didn't work because my account was disabled so I Tried to call customer no support and ask them why they said it would take 48 hours to check into it has anybody ever had this happen to you
  6. Nightdriver27

    Uber/lyft drivers that don't tip

    I don't know why but every time I have a rs passengers they talk about how hard it is to make money then stiff me.
  7. Nightdriver27

    How many drivers in Las Vegas?

    Does anyone know how many drivers there are in Las Vegas
  8. Nightdriver27

    Pool scam beware

    I had a ride from Boulder City to Henderson that was a pool but no other pax joined so they paid .85 per .mile and .10 per minute instead of 90/15 I questioned the fare and after 10 back and forth they said pool rides don't matter if no one joins they pay less fare. So every pax will be...
  9. Nightdriver27

    Kids riding alone

    I've had two rides this week to take young children to s hool and felt really uncomfortable doing it. Do we have the right to say no to unaccompanied minors?
  10. Nightdriver27

    Where are the tips

    If uber is offering a place for riders to insert tips where are they in our pay
  11. Nightdriver27

    1099 are wrong

    I just got my 1099 which shows $8000 more than I got paid according to my bank deposits. I am at uber greenlight and they told me they are not tax professionals and their system is down so they can't look up my account. The 1099^s are the gross pay including what they deducted for their fees...
  12. Nightdriver27


    Had a pax give me apick up at Tropicana got there and called and she said she was at Mirage so I was half way there she calls and says she's at Excalibur so I told her to cancel and figure out where she was then i had to do it