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    How to get blocks / use bots

    How is repetitouch better than FREP? Besides the interface I don't really see a difference.
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    new update3.0.5381

    How do I find an older version of the app?
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    That adds up for what I'm seeing yesterday and this morning. Thanks for figuring that out. This begs the question: why don't they communicate these changes to the drivers? It would save both sides a lot of aggravation. Did anyone else get an email from Amazon last night about it being a busy...
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    What day week starts/ends for 40hrs?

    I hit 40 yesterday. So I guess you can't even SEE any blocks after that point, is that correct? I've seen no offers come across since yesterday. What about Sunday blocks that may be released on Saturday night? Can I see those?
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    Phone Charger Not Keeping Up?

    I had the same symptoms... Cheapo USB cables turned out to be the culprit. I tossed all my cheapo eBay cables and bought a set of high quality cables and now the phone charges like a champ.
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    Flex restaurant delivery only. Possible?

    Usually the blocks that start on the half hour (like 5:30 to 8:30) are primarily restaurant deliveries.
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    Amazon Flex: Prime Now Deliveries

    I know running a fast food restaurant is a giant pain in the ass and that delivering packages for a decent rate of pay plus tips is a far more satisfying use of my time and energy..
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    Amazon Flex: Prime Now Deliveries

    I am in Portland Prime Now also (UOR1). I signed up 4 months ago. I didn't get scheduled at all for nearly 2 months, then I started getting a single 4 hour block scheduled per week (2 days availability). That continues to be the pattern even with the new app update. Since I did my due diligence...
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    This happens if it takes too long between your scan and you swiping as "delivered". I've always asked support to mark them as delivered when it's happened and they've always done so.
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    Did anyone grabbed a same day block after new update?

    I tried tapping the white offers screen and within 10 minutes I got a block offer for 4 hours. This was for Prime now. So I am 100% sure it works although I did not grab the block
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    Updates to the Amazon Flex App

    The new offers thing intrigues me as at this time I only get one 4-hour block on my available 2 days anyway, so I've been limiting my availability on those days since opening it up doesn't make any difference to the hours assigned. Now I'm wondering if I should open up more availability on those...
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    Can you sign up twice, for Logistics and Prime Now?

    I followed the link and ended up downloading the updated app. I've been having a problem with being stuck on an older version of the app, and I believe sending me this email was Amazon support's way of getting me the updated app. Thanks for the replies.
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    Can you sign up twice, for Logistics and Prime Now?

    I'm in Portland, and have been delivering the last few months. Yesterday I got an email which I will condense as follows:"Thanks for your interest in Amazon Flex. We are currently onboarding drivers for Logistics deliveries. If you would like to deliver for Flex, please take this short survey...
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    my email is pcweinstock(at)comcast(dot)net. Thanks

    my email is pcweinstock(at)comcast(dot)net. Thanks
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    So is the 3.0.3620.1 update refreshing and showing available blocks?

    Can you please send it my way? I haven't been able to update since Android 7 update. Thanks