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  1. Neoboi

    Backseat driver who takes the cake.

    picked up a pax in los altos, first he and his buddy tried to bring open beers in my car, nixed that with a quickness....3 people going to mariposa and hampshire in the city...bro of the group proceeds to tell turn by turn directions (which I already had) to the address in Menlo Park, to pickup...
  2. Neoboi

    $500 for four weeks of 80 rides

    i know im not the only one who got the four week 80 rides each week for $500 extra bonus.... pretty sure one of them was soupergloo ----anyone manage to actually get theirs on their pay statement? didnt show up on mine after PDB and have already gotten my pay statement e-mailed to me.....and i...
  3. Neoboi

    Lyft hit and run in the castro Hopefully everyone in the lyft ends up ok. :-/
  4. Neoboi

    Apparently sjc surges now too

  5. Neoboi

    How is uber eats gonna be sustainable?!

    This can't work for very long. Paying me $9 and the customer pays $5.
  6. Neoboi

    The algorithm gods hate me.

    9/16 of the rides I was offered today were to either sfo or Berkeley/alameda FROM INSIDE SF. I'm afraid I've pissed off the uber gods today. To keep my completion rate and acceptance rate high enough I had to accept 6 of them. :( SOMEONE SHOOT ME. SOSOSOSOSO SICK of getting my guarantee hosed
  7. Neoboi

    Uber sex? Ubers next offering???

    So today I drove someone from Pleasanton to sfo on my way to the bay from home (yay for df) and I REALLY had to pee so I stopped at the tnc lot and saw this in the porta potty. Rofl
  8. Neoboi

    Sometimes i really hate pax

    So it's 4:45 and I'm in the nightmare of the Financial district and this dumbass pool guy I have reached in his backpack and got a water bottle full of soda out which clearly was under pressure and opened the mouthpiece to it. And well you can see what happened. Find a parking lot after...
  9. Neoboi

    Daly City glh

    so I'm sitting in the Daly City gl hub cuz magically uber thinks my insurance card is expired. Even tho it says expires in December and I just gotta say. I want a friggin uber hoodie.
  10. Neoboi

    Pdb 8/15

    anyone get the pdb text/email for week of 8/15 yet??? I took a week off am hoping I didn't lose it
  11. Neoboi

    Ubers social media team

    Hahah ubers social media team is pretty hilarious. Too bad their support team isn't this good.
  12. Neoboi

    Apparently we're phone charger couriers now.
  13. Neoboi

    And goodbye driving for lyft Not doing this is SF. So not doing this in SF. Not with parking police everywhere
  14. Neoboi

    Drunk chicks

    2 drunk chicks got crushed chips all up on my backseat despite being asked not to eat in my car their second warning was literally at the destination. Hafta go offline and vac my car out. Missing out on over 30 min of guarantee. Think uber will give me a cleaning fee?? Submitted a request already.
  15. Neoboi

    Uber really needs to upgrade their servers.

    Wtf. Seriously. It can't take all this time to process. Side note. It looks like they geofenced outsidelands.
  16. Neoboi

    Weird weird day.

    So I was in sf from prolly 1:30p until 8:30pm ALL of my rides were uberx not a single poo! Then I tried to dest filter to sfo and ended up with two pool 1.8pax to serramonte shopping center. Then a poo from sfo to alameda. So outta my 20 for the day. Only three poo!! So surprised.
  17. Neoboi


    Got a ticket on 8th and Bryant for going around all the bridge people and turning left by a friggin motorcycle cop. Sigh. WITH A PAX. She was really cool about it tho. I think she was from out of town. Anyone want to buy a kidney. Wonder how much this is gonna cost.
  18. Neoboi

    $250 research session

    just got screened for this. I think the trick is wearing glasses so if any of u wear glasses get this you should get selected.
  19. Neoboi

    Foiled again!

    Got this at like 5:15. guess I'm eating lunch in Berkeley in hopes that traffic dies down a bit then back to sf for guarantees. The lady gave me a sob story about two drivers already telling her they couldn't cross the bridge. And so I was a nice guy.
  20. Neoboi

    So I'm picking my mom up at sjc tonight

    I will never ever accept an sjc ping. Never done it before and as I'm outside having a smoke while I wait for my mom. Their traffic cops are a total [email protected]@@@ and don't do any real enforcement. Dangerous as hell.