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    Lyft - Loss of Service Claim?

    It was a busy day today, and I got the dreaded two-stop ride with the first stop being at a grocery store. I explained to the passenger that driver pay for wait time is minimal, and I was unwilling to wait for more than 5 minutes while she did her shopping. She slammed the door on her way out...
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    New Lyft Purple and Pink Heat Maps

    Is anyone familiar with the new Heat Maps? If you pick up a ride in one of these zones, you get a (very small) bonus on your next ride. I get that they want us to stay online for another ride. But I am concerned that this will be in lieu of surges / power zones. And it moves us further away...
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    Gross Errors in Lyft 1099

    Uber recently agreed to settle a lawsuit for misleading drivers about pay levels. At the same time, there are several current threads about errors in the Uber and Lyft 1099 forms. I thought I...
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    Is Uber Earnings offline?

    It is now 2:00PM. The "Daily Earning" screen in my Uber app is not showing any rides after 9:00AM - 5 hours ago! Is anyone else seeing this problem? I do not trust the "feel free to keep driving" message...
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    Help us improve the Uber platform by taking 2 minutes to complete this survey

    I just got a text invite for this. The link has a built-in id so they can trace your response back to you, e.g. https:/ Be aware that once you click on the link, you can use the browser address bar to change the user id to anything you want...
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    Anybody else not receiving cancel notifications?

    It has happened to me a couple of times this week. I arrive to pick up a passenger, only to find no pax and no indication on the app that I ever accepted a ride. The next time I accept a ride (10 - 20 minutes later?), the cancel notice popups on my app. Of course, I would not have gone all the...