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  1. More Cowbell

    Airport sticker expiration

    Says June. Is this June 1, or end of the month like the blue state sticker? What do i need at the ara now that tnc is gone to renew?
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    Is uber testing a fare cut? Absolutely.

    A week before uber will face competition for the first time in years in Houston, they change up their payout info. And many ignorant and confused drivers think they just got a 28% pay cut. Just scan the facebook groups, even this forum, you'll find the clueless posts. And what do these...
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    Uber once again violating airport rules

    And putting driver in jeopardy of a ticket. Long time ago, we all use to get the message of 'Head to the terminals' when we were low in the count. Most of the time, drivers didn't get a ping before they hit the split on Will Clayton, & started ignoring those messages. This new 'feature' of...
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    Uber charging surge rates without paying drivers

    Noticed it the last few weeks.... And then this new pricing breakdown & TOS :mad:
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    Matching riders to closest driver is total BS

    Took 10 requests, 9 cancels to get a ping to a driver friend 5' away. Every other canceled request was 5-10 minutes away. :mad:
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    Uber is listening to conversations

    Ended a fare, and had 2 apps running: uber driver app and zello (a walkie talkie app I use to talk to other local uber drivers). Tried to talk on zello, but received an error message from zello that my microphone was having issues & couldn't communicate. I signed out of uber, then zello worked...
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    Uber raise their cut?

    Heard a newbie driver saying Ubers cut is 33%. Anyone confirm this?
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    Zello 'Houston Uber Driver' a success

    Monday posted a thread about the walkie-talkie app zello, and created a group called 'Houston Uber Driver' to see if it's worthwhile...... Few hours ago, a member broadcast she has a pax in far west Houston wanting to go to San Antonio, she didn't want the long drive back. Within 10 minutes...
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    Get your boots on Houston

    Check out this nonsense on the rider app. Are they expecting drivers to deliver fking cowboy boots now?
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    Any houston drivers using Zello?

    It's a free walkie-talkie app, like the old CB's in the '70s. I can see some uses for it. Like alerting other drivers to ARA Airport nonsense, queue size, surge coordination, event tips, road issues, etc. Or just for entertainment while waiting for a ride. Were always biotching & moaning...
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    Ubers rodeo games

    Surging up to 2x near my home in burbs .... Something very rarely does. So opened pax ap, showed 6 cars all around me waiting. Like usual. Plugged in addresses to see fare rates.... No surge pricing. On any platform. Yet drivers app shows 2x. For over 10 minutes. It's all uber rodeo bs...
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    XL/Select more net, but is it more profit?

    Few thread hijacks discussing this seemed worthy of its own post..... Time for me to get a different car. I'm currently an X driver (with way too nice of an SUV for x rates due to no 3rd row or leather). I drive primarily m-f daylight hours, occasional rare nights or weekends for events like...
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    Why is it cancel/rider no-show is long trips

    Fml. Canceled 2 today, got my $5. Looking at trip history, each would have been a 20-25 fare. Seen this more often than not. Guess I need to work on virtue of patience o_O
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    UberLISTEN - uber employee pax

    Hmmm. Picked up pax, tells me she works for uber & wants my opinions. Of course let her have it with tip options, unsustainable fares with no competition & drivers losing money, way too many drivers with constant onboarding, SB fiasco recruiting outta towners, etc etc etc. Typing it all in to...
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    Scam to steal your earnings

    Wow. Watch out for this one.....
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    Toll Road woes

    Got pulled over by sheriff on Hardy Toll road, told me that I'm in violation of not paying tolls. What? I have an eztag with auto deduction from credit card, and logged in & showed him my account in good standing. With toll charges occurring daily. Turns out my eztag sticker and account had a...
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    Way too many rouge drivers in lot

    I normally don't wait in the tnc cesspool lot, but am here now. Quick lap around spotted more than a dozen cars that didn't have the right stickers... Most of these missing the airport pickup decal. Airport ops would do a lot better checking valid stickers than parking space enforcement. The...
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    What were they thinking?

    Noticed last month quite a few BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars, & range rovers in the lot, all with paper temp tags & brand new airport stickers. Just what in the hel is Star Lane telling these fools?
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    Pings after starting a ride

    So I arrive, pax gets in, I verify, start ride & navigation and off we merrily go. A minute or 2 later, I get a ping from someone else. Has happened maybe 4-6 times at both airport & in town. Anyone else? Hope they're not getting ready to start that uber pool nonsense here.
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    Cash rides

    Lotta sleaze going on. 4 different pax mentioned they were offered airport rides with cash or credit cards while they were waiting at hotel pullups for me. Told me all had uber trade dress.