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    Time for a new car !

    Ok the Uber Honda Civic is paid off and leased back out into the wild and Now I am in the market for a new Uber car . I do not want to go over $21000 any suggestions ?
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    You just never know ?
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    Part time job offer

    I have a courier route open part time Pays $500 plus a week .....very very easy hours 1 till 430 pm Mon- thurs Friday 9A-330 pm ! Small car delivery $25 per hour Call 9728057318 Great for Uber drivers when it's slow in afternoons Route has been taken!
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    Just another day In Uber paradise !

    An Uber driver and passenger feared for their lives after they were carjacked at gun point in an ordeal that crossed state lines. Driver Donnelda Schuele picked up her first passenger in Las Vegas while driving an Uber Pool, a service that groups several customers who are on a similar route...
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    This happens everyday Now !
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    Did anyone else see this ?

    So Im home this Friday night watching TV A TV show comes on called live PD and who gets pulled over but an Uber Eats driver and they bust her for smoking pot that was in her center console while she's out on a delivery!
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    Uber sucks...

    Enough said
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    New York killer was A Uber Driver

    New York driver who ran people down with a rented truck was A Uber Driver says the news !
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    Looking for a good mechanic to work on Honda

    Any suggestion or recommendation will be helpful thanx
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    Gas for you

    Loves truck stop Denton has 3 days of fuel Loves truck stop on 45 has 3 days of fuel Worst case scenario Ardmore ok. Flying J truck stop Does not anticipate a shortage Buckees did not answer phone
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    Houston Uber drivers stay safe down there!

    Hope all the Uber drivers in Houston are safe
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    The Entitled passenger's at love

    Hey the cop won't let us go down there we are at baggage claim door 3 please come to us! They 1 starred me because I made them come down to TN
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    Tickets at love field

    If Woo wrote you a ticket for the no stopping standing it will get dismissed!
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    Uber Lyft are talking to Walmart about grocery delivery

    I just found the article on google
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    How does guarantee work

    If I don't get pinged twice in 1 hour do I still get guarantee?