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  1. KingPanda

    Help wanted

    so is this all still going down or what ?? im still in and have the 24th free .....
  2. KingPanda

    Help wanted

    Im in too but need to make sure ill have time off...i will ket you know by sunday at the latest
  3. KingPanda

    Help wanted

    can i ask what area of melbourne and what kind of volume to expect ?
  4. KingPanda

    Help wanted

    i might be offer to do it for $150 for the whole night, but feel free to make a counter bid lol
  5. KingPanda

    Two down

    World of Beer (Viera)
  6. KingPanda

    Two down

    my full time job is up at the Avenue...i take it you must live up here too ? i think ive seen you on my app if you do lol ....thank God for the occasional WOB pax hahaha
  7. KingPanda

    Yaris + big people = disaster

    haaaa!! morons.....just because you CAN uber doesnt mean you SHOULD !! lol
  8. KingPanda

    Any events this weekend?

    wasnt me lol drive a jeep ...but i was near Matts last weekend :-P
  9. KingPanda

    What do we call ourselves???

    perhaps "G-Ubers" pronounced "goobers" lololol :-P
  10. KingPanda

    Recent Uber Email

    Google maps all day....waze is ok too imho
  11. KingPanda

    Melbourne Fl weeknights, where to work?

    bah ha haha ha ha ~ i think i just wet myself lololol
  12. KingPanda

    My Email to Uber

    sad, but true ...
  13. KingPanda

    UberX Cab Drivers in Melbourne

    good...keep reporting these scum....they want to play unfair? then we shall level the paying field.
  14. KingPanda

    RCVD Email as Rider in Brevard County Florida

    Vero is only like 40 minutes south of melbourne....if the fares are plentiful, id be willing to go down there for the day
  15. KingPanda

    Dead Last Night

    yeah ive noticed busy bar nights have been quiet lately...wonder why ....