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  1. Uber Mary

    Hours online never accurate

    So, I keep track of the hours I'm working and online and Uber is supposedly doing that based on their app and statements I receive and it is never even close to the amount of time I'm online. What kind of fuzzy math are they using? Are they shaving off time to mask the hours I've worked for...
  2. Uber Mary

    So far today is a bust.

    Online for 3 hours so far today and 2 pax, total just under $ 9.00 after uber share. Oh, and I filled up my tank this morning. Ugh. App keeps asking if I want to stay online.....
  3. Uber Mary

    City permit fees?

    Just looked at my weekly pay statement at there's a city permit fee deducted. Is this going to be recurring? I didn't see this coming!
  4. Uber Mary

    My son makes more $ delivering pizza

    I've had good days and bad days uber driving. I've been driving for 3 months now. This week has been particularly slow. My son just started delivering pizza and every day this week he's made more than me in his tips alone. Wow, that's good for him, but depressing for me! I think it's time...
  5. Uber Mary

    Getting less rider requests since update

    Since the multiple ping update, working my normal area, I'm getting less requests than before the upgrade. I have yet to get a request while I have a rider. Is it because there are more Uber drivers in my area or a problem with the app? Been online in my usual "hot-spot" for over 2 hours with...