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  1. tripAces

    Uber driver busted on TV

    So I am sitting here watching Live PD. Columbia SC pulled over a Uber driver. Headlight out and fail to signal, I believe. They found baggies, scale, wad of cash. Yes appeared marijuana was in some of the baggies. The kicker is......guy had a pax. "When Uber cuts rates drivers got to make...
  2. tripAces

    Google Ride Share $0.54

    The experiment is working!! $0.54/mile is to pay for gas. Also per the news "it is to discourage driver's to not operate like a taxi. Such as driver's do with Uber and the like."
  3. tripAces

    Uber Background Check Fails....

    Guess previous charges of State Jail and such allowed him to drive by Uber Standards.
  4. tripAces

    Don't be late for a Uber! Its a short article but Uber is trying in certain markets a "late fee" or a way for drivers to "start the meter". Dallas as well as other markets are mentioned to get the test. But 2 things right away that...
  5. tripAces

    Texas Lawsuit

    Just so it didn't get buried. Action is taken in many forms. Here is one of them.
  6. tripAces

    Do you have proper Insurance? Here is a link to a discussion on the forum on Insurance. The OP is from Austin. Seems Uber is using the new Agreement as it states. That all must have proper insurance. And Texas law came into affect January 1st saying we...
  7. tripAces

    Lyft and GM

    $500mil investment towards self driving. Til then hubs for GM rentals to Lyft driver's.
  8. tripAces

    Uber is dangerous! 75yr old Car Jacked

    The article says it all.
  9. tripAces

    Pax Cancel

    Ok so I went back and checked my dashboard. Uber doesn't show any cancels that pax have done. I had one last night as I left Cypress. I showed up 7mins later on a 9min eta. It said arrived and I got canceled 1min later. I log these in my log book but damn now I have no proof it even happened...
  10. tripAces

    Pax Alert!

    I forgot til today to post. Sorry folks! But watch for E. (4.3 well lower now probably) he is hispanic male. Lives in various places in South/Southeast Houston. I picked him up off S. Shaver and Hwy 3 in a neighborhood pretty early in the evening 8:30ish. Got pinged when I dropped at the...
  11. tripAces

    Crashes, Going to Jail, WAIT

    Now I have been driving very steady again for wks now. I have seen all kinds of crashes, arrest, fires, and learned how to wait. I like to share some things I have seen. And some ways I try to avoid accidents. Last night I just pulled into a Valero. Got out to stretch. A cop was pulling...
  12. tripAces

    Mischief Managed??

    Seeing these words on my drivers app map. I just noticed it today. Its like they are trolling us.
  13. tripAces


    I just checked my payouts for this week. I been driving for months now. 36% taken out!!! Yes that is right I have been up ticked as a new driver it seems. The 28% commission for fUber. I have emailed fUBER CSR just about 2mins ago.
  14. tripAces

    StormUbers: May the Force Be With You And the Grandstanding Award goes to.... drum roll..... UBER once again.
  15. tripAces

    Galveston Uber

    I have been told that there has been people driving in Galveston. I have had various reports of black cars and regular UberX. I know that the City Council was suppose to bring up Uber at a mtg this summer. But haven't heard anything about it. Has anyone heard anything? Last time this was...
  16. tripAces

    First Night Out

    So I have learned alot from this forum. Do to Uber not giving much information. I stayed in my area in League City since I know the territory. And got 4 trips in just over 2 or 3 hours out. But I ran into 2 things. One the horrible placement of pax ping pickup. Almost cancelled the last rider...