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  1. AJUber

    Class Action LawSuit LYFT

    So let me start by saying , I haven't drove for LYFT since September of last year , and I give you guys credit that continue to drive . Anyways when class actions come across my desk for LYFT or Uber I always sign up for . Today 3-12-2019 I received a 52 dollar check in the mail saying here your...
  2. AJUber

    yep I did try to touch the sun to see how hot it was

    so I picked up a 3.7 just to see how it was. Like touching the sun to to feel the heat. I can see why this account is this low, why it was by far not my worst ride this family gave off every indication of why the bad ratings keep rolling in. it's working Sacramento , please keep rating these...
  3. AJUber

    Houston ???

    was thinking of visiting some friends in Houston, would probably stay there 3/weeks to a month. so why they at work I would do Uber, I do Uber for Sacramento. so my ?? are these and thanks for help. 1. do I need a permit and how much is it 2. where do I get this permit from what agency in...
  4. AJUber

    sac uber commercial radio

    life changing money!!! that's all you hear on the radio sign up now. how do i Sue for false advertising??
  5. AJUber

    Telsa and Uber Black.

    if you could lease a Telsa S , and Uber automatically makes you Uber Black would you do it ????
  6. AJUber

    Surge you seeing, not in real time

    Watch "Uber's Response to Surge Differentiation Take 2 - 08-19-2015" on YouTube watch video he tries to explain the surge we see in the driver app may be different than the rider app.... the rider app is in real time and our app is closest estimate . wow
  7. AJUber

    so you hit the Pax with a 2* but you still get them again.

    Ok, so i was told if you hit a Pax with a 2* or below the program is not supposed to allow you two to be together again. Not true, its been a busy morning at my other job then i get a call and accept then on the way driving. So then I look at the phone and I see a familiar name and familiar...
  8. AJUber

    Uber unwillingness always makes me want to take Cash

    Here the deal, I have been driving for Uber less and less. I have clients that call me directly (REGULARS) sometimes they usually always pay me cash or some will still use the Uber app. I never argue which way they want to pay. Ok so on Monday in had a regular call me and say we are flying into...
  9. AJUber

    Folsom Saturday morning

    I am with my regular right now you guys are missing this...wake up and make that money the food market is open down town sutter street.
  10. AJUber

    $4 trip, $7 tip...

    These are the Pax we need. Just picked up a guy that went 3 miles. Then gives me 7$ he knows alot easier , faster , cheaper and appreciates us . Wish they were all like this
  11. AJUber

    7-29-15 , 440pm system down

    Driver partner system has crashed and no one can log in . System failure
  12. AJUber

    uber app update 7-27-15

    Uber update their app yesterday and besides makibg it worse and not putting in a tip feature did they actually do??? Ok so did anyobe notice that when t he Ping comes in now the name has stop only tells you the differnce. To be honest i want to see name and distance and...
  13. AJUber

    GeoFence take down

    In todays paper July 14 2015 in Sacramento CA. It will soon be taken down and Uber and Lyft will soon Dominate Page 3A. In paper Sac Bee Trying to get picture but forums is messing up
  14. AJUber

    over saturation in Sac

    Everyone trying to be the next Uber driver and they just going broke. Downtown even worst.
  15. AJUber

    Sac Pax Rating- Team

    TEAM......... Together Everyone Achieves More Ok so i thought we come together and Rank the Pax alot of new drivers out there are killing me giving everyone 5 stars and they dont deserve it. So maybe they just dont know better so we are here to provide a guide as a team. 1* - you truly feel...
  16. AJUber

    Raquel Quit. She finally did it.
  17. AJUber

    First week earnings.

    So just finished my first week with UBER, i still have alot to learn. But here Sac you can see....please remember i have a mon-fri 7-3 regular job also. Please comment.
  18. AJUber

    E sign tip petition Read and E sign. Make uber put a tip function in the app.
  19. AJUber

    First Tip!!!

    so my first tip today I took this couple to the airport very nice couple from let's say a higher Economic Area and got my first tip and a great fare so here's looking at Saturday mornings keep Ubering on Sacramento. Fare : 38$ Tip: 5$
  20. AJUber

    pay period ends when?

    If i read right the pay period ends every week on Monday at 4am. Can someone verify this??