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    Lockdowns DO NOT WORK. Time for another approach to deal with the pandemic

    Lockdowns don't work because people refuse to be locked down
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    Not a mask...

    This is the main one
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    Surging all over town

    Still not going out in this weather
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    No more stimulus negotiation until after the election

    No, I don't like big government. But unfortunately, government is the only tool we have to keep huge corporations from destroying the environment and truly making us slaves. The days when the little guy had a chance are long gone, it's the lesser of two evils
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    No more stimulus negotiation until after the election

    I find it ironic that many who claim to be conservative Chump supporters are in favor of "cheese". Back in the 1930s during the Great Depression, there was nothing/nada/zilch if you lost your job. The New Deal was the beginning of positive change.
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    Facebook blocked me and my new ad campaign!

    Social Media, the real Fake News
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    How was your Day October 2020?

    Yesterday, 10/24 was pretty good. Took a rider from Denver to Cheyenne and once I hit Ft collins got rides all the way back using DF. Drove from 0730 to 1530 and made about $250, a much better than average day
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    What is your dinner?

    A Beyond burger w a baked potato vegan butter, fresh green salad with squeezed lemon for dressing
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    The Weather Thread
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    No, you may not give birth in my car

    Who says she's married? Ambulances are expensive.
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    Am I really living in my own bubble?

    Why shouldn't talented people stay in the countries where they are from? Poverty is a horrible thing. The USA doesn't have any more of a right to bright talented people than anywhere else. If they can better their countries I say that is a good thing. The brain drain from the third world is one...
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    Excellent documentary

    As I said, I'm pessimistic
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    Excellent documentary It accurately explains how humanity has been @@@@ing up the planet for the last 200 years and is still continuing to do so. It does offer a solution and a message of hope. I am pessimistic however that humanity will get our house in order in time.
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    The Christian driver's thread

    There is no allah, and muhammad was a false prophet There is no god, and jesus was just a man As for judaism....well Abrahamic religions all suck, they are responsible for untold misery and suffering throughout history
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    Not making enough money with uber

    Everyone can blame all they want. Blaming won't pay your bills. Get a job? Easier said than done. When I was laid off all that was available were commissioned sales jobs or $15 an hour, neither of which can put a roof over my head. I live in the Denver area so rideshare is pretty busy but full...
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    Airlines Stock

    I think the answer to that is yes, but not by choice. The airlines will likely go through a phase of consolidation and downsizing. Flying will get a lot more expensive. Many will be priced out. And it's not just the airlines. Hotels, restaurants, and the travel/hospitality sector, in general...
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    Confirmed: Masks DO NOT WORK

    You obviously don't know much about Nigeria
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    Confirmed: Masks DO NOT WORK

    Because the #1 source of infection is people seeing friends and family where they neither wear a mask nor social distance. Masks certainly are not a cure all but they do help.