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  1. tripAces

    Have you ever considered trucking?

    I must of got bored to post on here. Lol I and another off of here are truckers now. I been driving local for a company in Baytown for over a year.
  2. tripAces

    HB 100 is now sitting on Greg's desk. #AllHailUber!

    I am still wondering how much money Uber spent to buy this bill.:p:D
  3. tripAces

    HB100 awaiting governors signature

    Ah the dream comes true for Houston. Lower rates in the future do to competition. And Travis' motto that I love rings so loudly now. "A Uber on every street corner".:eek: Also remember if you like your vehicles stay from under my 18 tires.:D
  4. tripAces


    It is illegal if they are with Uber. "Street Hails" as it is called is used by taxi's. Uber has told all cities their driver's will use the app to pickup. But of course you have 2 bit p.o.s people that circumvent things. When I use to drive I would spot this downtown and report to
  5. tripAces

    Uber Passenger Threatens To Falsely Accuse Driver Of Rape!

    Recently I saw a blurb that another HTown Uber driver "no billed" for sexual assault. That is 2 in a years time no billed. First one was really strange do to the 2 people hung out together most of the day. 2nd one I have no particulars on. But I wouldn't put past some of the crazies out there...
  6. tripAces

    Houston mayor: 50 percent of Uber driver applicants have criminal record

    Did you forget your meds again!?! And no not everyone make mistakes that follow them like a shadow. So I guess next time I am out and see a person driving without headlights running a red light. I will just say they didn't kill anyone they made a mistake. Get the [email protected]%$ out of here!!! Just make...
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    Houston mayor: 50 percent of Uber driver applicants have criminal record

    It doesn't matter if it's 50% or 1%. COH doesn't need Uber saying who can and who can't drive for them. Remember everyone is suppose to be a independent contractor. That means you adhere to rules of the county, city, or state. Or all 3 at once. They set the rules not Uber!! I knew 3 people...
  8. tripAces

    7 ways to get more tips

    You must at all times make sure to pull out the multitudes of cords hooked to a multi-outlet coming directly off the battery. It is a savor to all those needing to recharge laptops, phones, nose clippers, make a smoothie. Just for all the occasions. Also I learned from watching one driver on TV...
  9. tripAces

    Uber driver busted on TV

    So I am sitting here watching Live PD. Columbia SC pulled over a Uber driver. Headlight out and fail to signal, I believe. They found baggies, scale, wad of cash. Yes appeared marijuana was in some of the baggies. The kicker is......guy had a pax. "When Uber cuts rates drivers got to make...
  10. tripAces

    Booking fee increasing...

    Its all the greedy drivers fault. No wonder no one tips.:eek: This is what alot of pax are going to think. So get your rebuttals ready.
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    What it's like to be an Uber driver during the Super Bowl

    Seems this Russ guy is setting himself up to get deactivated. Taking "another group of 5". Wow guess he had a SUV but said everyone grunted like they sitting on each other. Plus article said his car just out of the shop. Also the guy mentioned Russ started driving without accurate destination...
  12. tripAces

    So what's the rule on pets?

    Channel 2 just had a special report on service animals. Seems the kit to say your animal is one is not tough to buy online. Certificate, service animal vest, license, etc are sent to the purchaser. Just allows dishonest people to get away with something else. Op as far as regular pets it is up...
  13. tripAces

    Houston traffic tickets

    When some people post on here I wonder why they even drive. But then remember some of these people on here already have had a wreck.
  14. tripAces

    What were they thinking?

    Uber: Oh hey come on and drive. Oh yes you can make alot more in Black Car Service then Uber X. You will get preferred treatment. *drink this red drink* And just so you know we have alot of driver's making $70k in that line of work. *drink somemore its good* Oh and btw you must really make it a...
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    Trucks, Vans, and 2 Door Cars with TNC Permits

    Uber was desperate for Super Bowl. Deactivations will now start rolling out for those slipping through the cracks. Unless Uber is scrapping the bottom hard finally.
  16. tripAces

    I made 34 cents yesterday.

    Seems like they drank the Koolaid and got refills.
  17. tripAces

    Your Largest Single Fare?

    I had a number of good fares when I drove. The area I live in wasn't saturated with drivers and I knew where to sit to get full app range. But I always got good mid to late night runs. One for just under $300 to take a mistress (I am sorry, a aspiring model) home after a Bone Thugs concert let...
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    Business is business and Tillman also protecting the very small taxi companies. In actuality I like Uber can't go down there. Travis is worst then greedy and doesn't like any regulations.
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    Last I heard yes there should be a geo-fence. Uber doesn't want to pay the price to have driver's work like they do in Houston.
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    Oh yeah drivers can go down there. Nothing stops you from working Galveston but the cops and being impounded. Along with a ticket. But hell what do I know.:rolleyes: