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  1. lrod1887

    Should all uber drivers have FasTrak? LAX TRIPS

    Uber driver 101.. have a fastrak. One of the first things i did as an uber driver is get a FasTrak for express lane.... Just got an uber with this dude whose made 700 + trips and dude has no fastrak. Literally driving on 110 at 15mph while the express lane is open and drivers are flying by...
  2. lrod1887

    Uber Drivers leaving trash on my street you been warned....

    Hello, Former uber driver . Over 900 rides/ 4.89 rating. I quit about a year ago. Changed jobs so it was no longer convenient. I do miss the extra cash but I got a raise at my new job its all good. Not to mention im not killing my car and constantly keeping it clean, etc Anyways back to...
  3. lrod1887

    Uber tax deductions! Help .

    Thanks a lot!!!! I read to calculate miles is Total Miles driven for uber + dead miles ( half of miles driven for uber / its a safe bet = total business miles .
  4. lrod1887

    Uber tax deductions! Help .

    So i made $4,000 gross and with my deductions / mileage it was a business income of $1,200 lol So 2,800 of a loss? Does that sound right
  5. lrod1887

    Uber tax deductions! Help .

    So there is a gross fare that uber provides on the 1099-k. Im currently trying turbotax and tax act and i see nothing for deductions . Uber takes 20% plus safe ride feee. Do we subtract it ourselves and apply it to the gross? Or where? I was able to input my miles and dead miles but nothing...
  6. lrod1887

    Stuff left in your car

    Unless its wallet, phone or keys, it's a pain in the ass to return. Its always more work for the driver. Unless i see something right Away and im still near the pax , other than that its a real inconvenience to return shit. Whats your policy?
  7. lrod1887

    destination filter = no icentinves?

    thanks. no i didnt see it. :)
  8. lrod1887

    destination filter = no icentinves?

    sorry i meant highland park / south highland park near China Town?
  9. lrod1887

    destination filter = no icentinves?

    just did a 1.5x LA Core 6a-9am ride. PASADENA TO SANTA MONICA. i didnt see the 1.5x applied . I used the destination filter. Do i have to wait for the icentives to be applied before payday? or should it be there right away? or since i did a destination filter do i give up my incentives/...
  10. lrod1887

    Almost gave a free ride today...

    True.. I said why didnt u take the bus and he said he woke up late. Im sure the $50 uber will be a lesson to be up early next time :)
  11. lrod1887

    Almost gave a free ride today...

    So Its surging at 2.5 and I get a ping, its the perfect ride. 17 miles and its on my way to work. I hit " start ride" before the pax got in the car. Finally he got in and it was a young kid no more than 20. He was on his way to school and i felt bad cuz this ride was gonna cost him $40-60...
  12. lrod1887

    pretty sure im quitting uber

    so been about 6 weeks since i drove. I been making extra money at work. I work about 50-55 hours a week now. And I make $50 cash on saturdays by helping a friend with 2-2.5 hours of yard work (CASH) , so i dont feel the need to work any more. Just for wear and tear on my car and headaches and...
  13. lrod1887

    How long without driving before getting deactived ??

    UPDATE: I think i bought some time. Told them i was on vacation lol
  14. lrod1887

    How long without driving before getting deactived ??

    Cant get a clear answer on the website. I havent driven in a few weeks. Maybe 5 weeks. I got a text from uber yesterday saying if i dont drive " soon" i run the risk of being removed from the platform. I plan on driving this weekend... I hope i dont get deactivated by then lol I've...
  15. lrod1887

    My first 100 + mile trip tonight

    103 miles to be exact. Santa monica to carlsbad. Too bad i missed the surge Total payout was around $95 bux. Not sure if it was worth it since it took me 90 minutes to drive back home and deadmiles. The dude didnt even tip me. Not sure how i feel about this.
  16. lrod1887

    ubering and maintnance

    so these past months have been shitty. consider it a combination of me getting a pay raise at work and so many new drivers that I don't uber like I used to. I'm up for a front brake pad replacement along with serptine belt. I bought the parts myself and found a good mechanic who will do...
  17. lrod1887

    Why do you still drive?

    my goal now is to make $500 a month which all goes to my savings. I own my own car, its a prius ..I do maybe 5-6 hours a week = $100-150
  18. lrod1887

    Metro LA declining , blame uber? uber prices keep dropping , I can see uber having something to do with Metro declining ..I mean why deal with walking to a metro station , dealing with all these crazy people who take the metro and other annoying...
  19. lrod1887

    when will we get 1099 forms?

    still nada. I want to file my taxes already lol