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  1. red8719

    What do you do

    When a pax tells you to speed up they are running late for work, meeting, etc
  2. red8719


    It's uber , but it's the same registration I showed when I signed up , I sent the picture I guess it's a mistake on their end
  3. red8719


    I got this in my email today, but my registration doesn't expire until December. what's this about ? And I can still go online
  4. red8719

    Gogo grandparent

  5. red8719

    Gogo grandparent

    I'm 30 , I just didn't feel like helping any extra than normal that day which I should've specified, any other time I would be happy to help grandma or grandpa out :)
  6. red8719

    Gogo grandparent

    I got 2 requests for the gogo grandparent today and I just let them time out because I did not want to deal with any old people, anybody else do this ?
  7. red8719

    Leased car and uber

    Does anyone know if you lease a car through lyft, could you do uber as well? I've read that if you lease a car through uber you can Lyft but I haven't seen any info the other way around.
  8. red8719

    No to uber pool?

    Fairly new driver here still learning the perks to earn more. I've come across users that say do not accept pool requests at all is this true? Should I just do uberx ? What about acceptance rate?