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    Uber drops appeal over English test

    Finally there could be light at the end of the tunnel for some.
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    Best Uber Driver

    Seriously man all of this for five stars what a d1ck.
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    Uber's Licence Could be Rejected

    It looks like Tfl will not be renewing Uber's licence.
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    Uber in deep trouble with police

    So is this one of the reasons Tfl only renewed Uber's licence for four months can't wait for Sep.
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    Some of us make more than Five pound an hour

    not bad for a days work...
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    Supermarkets surge pricing

    Just when you though nobody would ever copy Uber's business practises u have these greedy b******s Saying to you actually demand for banana is off the charts it is actually 2.5. Lolz
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    Changes to taxi fare and tariff Wonder who is gonna win the race to the bottom. Is it PH or BC ?
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    Uber Pool expansion Zone 2

    Here we go again uber is expanding poo in to zone 2 and is offering £5 flat rate for the first two weeks. I am glad I don't get any poo requests.
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    Uber cash coming

    Uber is launching cash in london
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    Uber faces massive crackdown in London apparently TFL seems to listen what black cabs want
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    Cutting passengers neck after cancellation