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    Uber Commission increase - applies to ALL drivers or just NEW drivers?

    Tou people still working for Uber! Ileft uber long time, it was tu much spend spend but not earnings, so f em.
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    Uber app VS google app

    I dont use no map;)
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    Important change in UBER !

    If ur a blac cab driver you are seriously a sad c••••, are you one of them who was crying on the radio the other day.
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    Search on Google
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    Sadiq Khan (& Zac Goldsmith)

    Sadiq dont like Uber drivers;). Thats what he said on LBC , dont know the other one
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    Funny uber drivers

    Blac cab driver are realy sad people, how do we know they working for uber, why dont they search on Google and find out how f•••• up they are, i bet you any money when blac cab driver go to sleep all they dream about it is uber drivers;) Sad ignorant d****
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    Any one used Cover my cab?

    I do they will charge you more then that admin fee and other staff to, plus they bot good when accident happens, uber is doing sone promotion with insurance with 20% off
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    Uber needs to up their prices

    Uber is worth £50 billion, so they not poor, this is how they make the money, and yes is true they are trying this 25% in states, dint know they taking 25% to Uber XL!!!! when they introduc that 25% am off Uber.
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    Let's strike

    Are you guys meeting for a day put or strike!!
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    Uber needs to up their prices

    It will happen and i also heard Uber will try and get 25% from drivers, is just a matter of time and yes it is slavery ( modern slavery) as they pay you;)
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    Let's strike

    As i said it is a good idea and am up for it as well, it needs to be organised, you need alot of drivers, it can't be for 1 hour it jas to be at least 1 day (friday or Saturday) and you need to make your points why are you doing this, oh yea you can't ask for prices to go up as it is a waste of...
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    Let's strike

    I like the strike idea, but 10 drivers on strike it means nothing it's a joke to Uber, you need at least 200 drivers and not 1 hour at least 1 day (Friday morning to Saturday) then Uber may look into this, i did read all the mag in here half of them who said am in they had no car the car broke...
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    anyone convicted!!!

    You sad prick, black cab drivers always on the phone texting. I dont think they can do points probably fine. Be careful next time as people like voodooman are watching you.
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    Heathrow waiting queuing system

    Normally you have to wait over a hour to get a job wich if i don't get a job for that long I leave no point sleeping there like some drivers, Yesterday I waited 20 min and got a job he then cancelled and two seconds letter got the same job, don't know what happened there.
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    This uber app is pissing me off

    I've been using my phone from start, it's easy to only use one phone, dont know about the date u spend as I have unlimited;), you dont need to check for a job when you talking to you friends, when you get a job the phone will bip or if you running the app (well we all know the ping ping) ;)
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    How low rating have to be before deactivation

    50% of riders never rate you for you service they rate by you profile picture if they paid to much and depend on they mood as well;) So F*** em, dont need to lick arse to good rating just drive them from A to B and tell em to p** off.
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    To many UberX Drivers

    Before used to be good, now you can't even make £400 a week!! I did email Uber telling them you are getting to many Drivers on board and we are doing less trips everyday, they did reply saying "we get paid either way";) and is true. Don't you think they are employing to many drivers????