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  1. J

    Postmates Pretty Bad Garbage Yeah

    They will likely all consolidate and figure it out, but this level of unpreparedness in business is alarming to say the least. Amazon had predecessors. Walmart and sears. Uber and the like are still in test phase. If it were that easy or profitable to have a nationwide service it would have...
  2. J

    Postmates Pretty Bad Garbage Yeah

    Yeah I'm finding the pay is decent. Most the runs pay 7-8 plus tip so its usually over 10 a run. Theres just no consistent business. Get a few requests all at once around dinner and thats pretty much the whole day. Weekdays have some lunch business but not enough to survive. Would be nice...
  3. J

    Spot cleaning

    Nice gas stations have free paper towels, you can detail your car for free while the pump runs. Also some car washes have free vacuums and wash packages by the month. Well worth it. Replace your cabin air filter. Amazon or walmart. Odoban is the best "febreeze" type product. Stock up...
  4. J

    I was hit while parked...

    I was hit while parked last month. Got a report, called their insurance every day for 2 weeks and got a check more than what I paid for the car. Was deactivated since it counts as another accident, but I wasnt going to let Mr. EZ bake wreck my car without a report to get compensated.
  5. J

    Postmates Pretty Bad Garbage Yeah

    For some reason couldn't get on anything but postmates. Dont want uber eats anyways but at least a couple options would be nice. Except for instacart which went straight from mail to garbage can. That seemed like more of a volunteer personal assistant with gas reimbursement.
  6. J

    Postmates Pretty Bad Garbage Yeah

    I already read everything on here but just had to try something. Really missing that 4k a month from lyft before getting hit 3 times in 3 months. Never got approved for anything else (uber, doordash, nothing), but after a month of looking for work try postmates and bam got the kit, background...
  7. J


    What you guys consider to be "doing well" now, sooner or later you realize is not well at all. It used to pay 50-100$ per hour during peak hours. This offset the risk of accidents, pukers, damages from drunks, vehicle maintenance and other expenses that are far beyond normal wear and tear...
  8. J

    Auto Zone Discount

    Autozone and the other retail stores are a RIP off. Most parts are marked up 800%. Its like buying groceries at 7 11. Walmart has 5 and 6 qt jugs of synthetic oil for 15 bucks. Name brand. Amazon can get you just about any part shipped prime overnight for half off retail. Not 10%. These...
  9. J

    Bankrupt: I'm going back to driving a taxi soon.

    I don't think your plan is going to work. I was making it on lyft alone before deactivation for no reason. I could never make it going back to a taxi. Starting out every day 100$ in debt with all the good cash business gone to uber and lyft? No way. Perhaps a regular job and work lyft on...
  10. J

    Lyft can burn in hell

    I never was approved for uber. Lyft deactivated on my anniversary which had 2 fresh accidents on record. The other 2 was parked and hit and run. And can't make any more insurance claims so full coverage not worth having. Was making 1k a week otherwise would have been doing a different job of...
  11. J

    Lyft can burn in hell

    I vacuumed every day and my floormats are still new after 230,000 miles. Can't say the same for the cars. Been hit 4 times now deactivated and have a totalled car that I borrowed money to buy. I'd love to just have dirty floormats.
  12. J

    Is not worth it to do ridesharing.

    2 of the last 3 cars I used for rideshare I got at auction for 1k with over 200k miles. One I sold for 2700 and the other one is worth about that much after I bought the tires and brakes. So mileage can be free - gas if you buy high mileage cars for very cheap. I won't disclose all my secrets...
  13. J

    Is not worth it to do ridesharing.

    There's risk in everything. Driving to work, driving for work, crossing the street etc. Before I got deactivated for reason not yet known, I was up to a steady 1000 a week, and that's right here in jacksonville at .60 a mile. It took 7 days a week and 2000 miles to do it, but it was still as...
  14. J

    Is there anything stopping me from just starting my own food delivery?

    Absolutely not. Any tech company could take over your market overnight. After losing a job of 10 years, 5 years ago, I briefly worked for a delivery firm that had grown from nothing to a 20 million dollar company in a couple years. I saw the money they were making and within 6 months I had...
  15. J

    What is the best car to buy for Uber?

    I used to think the prius was best until I encountered all of the complex heating and cooling issues they encounter. I owned 6 and wouldn't buy another due to the no advance warning shutdown alone. Honda civic hybrid was the best I owned so far. Tight on space but solid honda reliability with...
  16. J

    Lyft Deactivated

    Knew it was coming just didn't know how or when. Logged on and booted off. No email or any type of notification. Still haven't been given any reason outside of background check which is the same one they hired me with, so not expecting an explanation at this point as they've stopped...
  17. J

    Yesterday was first time turning app on in a long long time got a question

    Yesterday was busy. So you did ok. It's still minimum wage or less on average after gas and expenses but there are occasional days where you can make a little more.
  18. J

    Lyft Recruiter

    Received this text: Congratulations, you are receiving this invite because you are one of the top Lyft drivers! Lyft is launching an exclusive team of recruiters who work with Lyft and lead driver recruitment efforts throughout the city. If interested, please fill out this form with your...
  19. J

    New Year Hot Spots

    You must be talking about where to go out and party. There is no more money on New Years for drivers. Only regular price fares with little surge or tips.