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  1. UberQuintero

    worth driving?

    Ubers good days in Brevard County are long gone. Dont waste your time on X or XL, there is no money in either.
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    Are those your take home numbers or gross fares?
  3. UberQuintero

    Are we allowed to pick up at the Melbourne International Airport?

    Correct, cell lot. Thats where you can sit and wait to make that $0.27 per mile profit. Uber on!
  4. UberQuintero

    Post rate cut guide to pax ratings...

    Bahahaha @ Stoners who dont share
  5. UberQuintero

    Uber Driver Drinking Night

    Nah, not buying it. Still havent logged on and dont plan to. Dont have the energy to do math right now, but I can guarantee in the end you will see you are only reverse mortgaging your vehicle, meaning you are depreciating your vehicle at a faster rate than you are making money with it. Free...
  6. UberQuintero

    Uber Driver Drinking Night

    So the pax login looks different this evening than it did this morning. Now it says this rate drop is a "seasonal promotion". It changes my long term view but not the short one. I might do a drive a day, or one a week, just to educate the pax about the reality of the impact on drivers with the...
  7. UberQuintero

    Uber Driver Drinking Night

    @@@@@ it. Im not driving starting tomorrow. Who wants to meet up for some beers? Id love to park downtown with all the lights and scrolling marquee going on my car explaining why Ubers arent driving. This is the eauivalent to a 37% pay cut. For those of you considering quitting, also consider...
  8. UberQuintero

    Hi cvhalsey, my name is Chris and Im the highest rated Uber driver in the county that Im aware...

    Hi cvhalsey, my name is Chris and Im the highest rated Uber driver in the county that Im aware of. Im one of the original 5 drivers in this area with 850+ trips completed and a 4.94 rating. That being said, Im interested in helping out your venue event and am available to meet tonight. Plsase...
  9. UberQuintero

    Two down

    And I will be in Miami all weekend, enjoy the breathing room :)
  10. UberQuintero


    @@@@ policy. That would be one expensive cleaning in my car afterwards.
  11. UberQuintero

    Surge Red Bar - No Pings

    When you see that red bar noting surge, but don't see your whole driving screen red....scroll up to Daytona Beach. Yep, you are getting a surge notice of a place two hours away, exciting huh?
  12. UberQuintero

    Uber Riders don't tip?

    Good on you for the tipping, but as far as the End Trip, consider this: I end the trip once everyone has exited the vehicle. Its not about the $0.20. That start and end trip slide also starts and ends my insurance coverage for the ride under Uber. If I end trip, and a passenger opens my door to...
  13. UberQuintero

    Flat rates to Orlando?!

    Actual earnings will be $64.20. If moving from Southern Melbourne Beach to a far end of Orlando (or anything that requires driving through Orlando), this would be a 3+ hour trip. Mind you, Ive had NONE of my tolls paid since I began Uber is in this county running to Orlando. The only advantage...
  14. UberQuintero

    Trips and Ratings for Brevard

    Nah, not at all. Im waiting to see my buddy from beachside post his. I think hes at like 800 or 900 trips now lol.
  15. UberQuintero

    Trips and Ratings for Brevard

    Heres mine since December's start and a summary of the last 30 days to compare, feel free to post yours too.
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    Why the hell do we get surge notices for Daytona when Orlando is much closer and we get no notice from there? Its not like were gonna hop in our cars and drive 170 miles round trip to chase a 1.5.
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    CB is hit or miss for me. Its the least saturated busy area in the county, but like Palm Bay is and Melbourne used to be, most locals dont use it. So youre gambling on tourists mostly. I bet if we made a joint effort to hit all the hotels on the beach here, it could help desaturate us. Theres...
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    I did about $100 last night from 11-2:30 but alot of that was just luck
  19. UberQuintero

    Second/Third job available complements Uber.

    Oh, and no commision taken out either
  20. UberQuintero

    Top 10% in Ratings

    Well, yeah, but wasnt his because he was using a non approved Uber car that was originally missed during the approval process?