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  1. UberHammer

    The easiest way to defeat AB5, even after signed into law, is for drivers to multi-app.

    AB5 codifies and expands a groundbreaking California Supreme Court decision from last year known as Dynamex, which uses a simple three-part criteria, the ABC test, to determine employment status. It says a worker is an employee if the worker’s tasks are performed under a company’s control; those...
  2. UberHammer

    1) I hate MLMs; 2) I signed up to drive for Tryp; and 3) I am not a hypocrite.

    1) I hate MLMs; 2) I signed up to drive for Tryp; and 3) I am not a hypocrite. If you are already familiar with the new rideshare company Tryp, then you know they use MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) to recruit drivers to their rideshare platform. So how can I state both #1 and #2 without being a...
  3. UberHammer

    Doordash referral is paying $1500 in Columbus

    Not posting my referral code as that is against site policy. If you have a friend or a family member who can refer you, now is the time to do it. They'll get $1500 for referring you if you complete 150 rides in 60 days. If they're a good friend or family member, they should be willing to split...
  4. UberHammer

    I gave Rohit a ride today....

    He lives in Columbus, Ohio.
  5. UberHammer

    Multiple stop ride requests should NOT be matched to drivers using Destination Filter!!!

    I'm willing to take rides headed towards my destination because we're headed towards my destination. Sitting in the parking lot while they do they're banking is NOT moving me towards my destination. I told this woman that I would only wait 3 to 4 minutes. So at the three minute mark she comes...
  6. UberHammer

    OSU Fall Break

    In 6 hours I made $38, before expenses. I should have the checked OSU's schedule before heading out today. Damn Fall Break! Checking the rider app, there were ants everywhere..... EVERYWHERE!!!!
  7. UberHammer

    Uber took 75% of the fare

  8. UberHammer

    The "other dude in the car" is now Uber itself.

    Back in 2014, Uber had no "booking fee/safe rider fee" and only took 20% of the fare. That year Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was quoted as saying, "the reason Uber [is] expensive is because you’re not just paying for the car, you’re paying for the other dude in the car.” In 2018, Uber now takes in...
  9. UberHammer

    Hey Riders.... sometimes it's cheaper and quicker to take XL and Select

    The Long Pickup Fee for UberX can sometimes cause UberX to be significantly more expensive than XL and Select when the closest UberX is significantly further away. See the screenshots below which show the closest UberX being 21 minutes away and the upfront pricing for it being $20,84, whereas...
  10. UberHammer

    Song: "You Can Call Me Pax"

    Sung to the song "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon. A man rides down the street He says I hate to sit in the back seat now That's why I sit in the front seat The shocks on this ride are so hard I am a 5 star opportunity I'm just full of entitlement I'm right, your phone is wrong Turn left in...
  11. UberHammer

    Tipping is improving... least for me.
  12. UberHammer

    Columbus now has Long Pickup Fees

    Didn't see anyone else post this, so I figured I would. Not sure when it started, but I got a "Long Pickup Fee" added to a fare today, so it's active in Columbus now.
  13. UberHammer

    The only reason I have to believe that hell exists... that Travis Kalanick deserves to go there. SAVE UBER! REPLACE TRAVIS!
  14. UberHammer

    Ohio State attack....

    So what are the odds that the attack at Ohio State was an Uber driver who couldn't get to his campus pickup location because a fire alarm emptied a building of people into the street with fire trucks and police cars.... and he just went nuts?
  15. UberHammer

    Saturday, Nov 5th... get your barf bags!

    The barhoppers get an extra hour to drink this Saturday, and with an 8 PM OSU kickoff a lot of them will have been drinking since the afternoon... so make sure you have your barf bags ready.
  16. UberHammer

    Just got the "Canceling too many trips" warning text and email

    They say in the past 7 days I've cancelled more trips than most drivers in my city. I've cancelled a whopping TWO!!! I've completed 8 trips in the last seven days. Here are the two I cancelled: 1) An UberEats request. Went inside the restaurant, and they told me the customer called them up to...
  17. UberHammer

    Range of availability has been set higher in Columbus

    Being all the way out in Marysville, I know the range of availability of an online Uber driver really well. So I know for a fact that recently the range has been set higher. Before I could never get a request from the Honda plant, because it was too far out of range from my house. Now, not only...
  18. UberHammer

    I care more about _____ than I do about stars.

    I care more about the pokemon I catch while waiting for a fare than I do about stars. What do you care about more than stars?
  19. UberHammer


    There's nothing better than lying on my couch at home in Marysville, and getting a ping from someone going to the airport. Was at Scottslawn, and he said a cab company told him it would be 45 minutes. I got there in 12. $34 net on 35 miles. Of course now I'm sitting in my car with 30+ other...
  20. UberHammer

    Riders sharing how crappy Uber has become... Interesting to read the comments of riders who remember how Uber used to be, and how bad it has become. Thanks Travis Kalanick!!!! You ruined something great by thinking it could...