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  1. mizzrock

    I Hate This On-Demand Hell.

    Seriously, the jerk who came up with "Let's have them use their own car, pay their own expenses, all with a smile like they're earning a net profit." I can see teenagers doing this, mom and dad foot the gas bill and maintenance bill. But not a grown adult with bills and car note and other...
  2. mizzrock

    Don't Be A Fool!

    Wow I finally got off my butt to get the 200% surge and it turned into 50%. I hate this job.
  3. mizzrock

    Accepting & Letting It Expire?

    Hey all, Veteran Lyft driver [10mos & counting]. And lately Lyft has been giving guarantees of over $35/hour! So I try to get the minimum ride and basically lay on my ass for the rest of the hour [why not?] And I've been accepting all requests [to keep acceptance rate] but just hanging at home...
  4. mizzrock

    The Hard Facts?

    I've been a reader of this forum for awhile and a driver for over a year. 2,100+ trips. I'm beginning to see my car deteriorate but I'm so addicted to the money. It's FAST money. Real money. For just sitting still for a while. And some customer service. I've began to look for other work but...
  5. mizzrock

    These Guarantees Are Horse-Butt

    In sf market lyfts been guaranteeing an hourly rate and I feel it's during slow times (from my analyzation) and to get more drivers out there. From doing lyft for 1 year then going on uber as well, uber surges higher and is more known on the outskirts. Compared to lyft. I'm doing a bunch of...
  6. mizzrock

    Casual Drive 14mi Away...

    Hey all, I guess I learned my lesson about pings 20min away!!!!!!! :mad: In San Francisco market on the outskirts (East Bay) there's the rich areas in the mountains and the flat areas that are for commoners. I live in the cusp of both (the point of me saying that is I usually get far away pings...
  7. mizzrock

    Uber Bonus No Payout?

    Hello, I'm here for general advice on the Uber sign up bonus for lyft drivers. I've talked with CSRs too much to the point that I'm just confused. My situation is: I signed up for Uber showed them I'm a lyft driver. Got denied because of a bad background check. Whatever. Then I meet a Uber...
  8. mizzrock

    Don't Know If I Should Stop Driving Running Out Of Warranty

    This job is great for me in San Francisco area. But I'm coming close to the end of my manufacturer warranty. I have opted for an extended maintenance warranty but I'm currently having a leak fixed for free under manufacturer warranty which won't be active the next time I have a leak. Everyone...
  9. mizzrock

    Paid More w/o Surge?

    My friends hyoethesis is we get paid more for longer fares than surge fares for short distance. Example: Fare A from the middle of town to the edge of town $40 Fare B from edge of town to other edge $40 One starts from the middle of town and the other from the complete other side. How can...
  10. mizzrock

    I'm So Poor Driving For These Companies.

    They claim it's for the unemployed to help "between jobs" or "supplemental to" your current income. But in actuality you're losing money faster than gambling! But I can't find work so Uber On! :(
  11. mizzrock

    Everytime I Try To Quit...

    Every time I find a new job on Craigslist (gig or something) it never evens out to the money I make with Lyft/Uber. Yesterday (Sunday 4/16/15) I made $150 (sans 20% commission) In 4 hours. And honestly there's nothing else like that. To the naysayers who talk about "costs" my car is under...
  12. mizzrock

    UberX Rejected My Application

    Uber rejected my application because of a ticket / conviction of illegal u turn (driving wrong side of road is officially what the cop wrote) and I have a total of 1 point on my license yet I was rejected??? I didn't do traffic school so maybe if I Do traffic school and it's cleared I can...
  13. mizzrock

    Did I mess up the $1k referral bonus?

    I told my referral she could get her ride by March 5th 11:59p She had an emergency and was approved March 4th but couldn't take the ride until March 5th she did and I have received no emails (like confirming the bonus) and she hasn't either. It's now March 24th and lyft won't tell me about her...
  14. mizzrock

    Where To Find Employment

    Hey guys, wondering where's the place to find employment opportunities for those of us without connections? Craigslist isn't the best but I've earned side money from there. I'm assuming maybe taskrabbit. Any help would be great!
  15. mizzrock

    Ultimate Lyft Goals

    This morning I Lyfted some actual employees and they admitted to needing to onboard alot of new drivers due to constantly surging in SF. This I explained was counterproductive because surge is what motivates me to go out and break my back (my car actually) and give rides. Come to think about...
  16. mizzrock

    Time Change Screwed Me.

    I live next to San Francisco and need to Get up at a certain time to be at s certain spot to catch surge and have a nice life. But since the time change on Sunday I get up later and usually stuck in bridge traffic. My tip is set your alarm earlier than needed. And DON'T snooze since your...
  17. mizzrock

    $2,000 referrals.

    If you refer a friend to lyft and not from uber (but I assume they can be) Anyone believe this? Anyone doing this?
  18. mizzrock

    Anybody See This Legal Ad?

    Saw on Facebook is this true?
  19. mizzrock

    Excited For The Glow-Stache!!

    Just lyfted a pr chick from Lyft hq and she let me have a Glow-Stache! It's Super cool!! Runs on batteries though so We'll have to replace those. I asked her to ask john zimmer about the "lights on in the car" issue.
  20. mizzrock


    Just had to squat to pee and I'm fed up with it.