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  1. AJUber

    Fired from Uber

    you been Uberized !!
  2. AJUber

    Anyone get lyft lawsuit check in mail??

    Mine arrived today in the mail for $52 on 3-12-2019 . Class Action Lawsuit vs Lyft for unfair Practices. Still waiting on my Uber Class Action for more than 2 years .......
  3. AJUber

    Class Action LawSuit LYFT

    So let me start by saying , I haven't drove for LYFT since September of last year , and I give you guys credit that continue to drive . Anyways when class actions come across my desk for LYFT or Uber I always sign up for . Today 3-12-2019 I received a 52 dollar check in the mail saying here your...
  4. AJUber

    pax breaks window, threatens to report me

    tell us the story , step by step. what was said. emotions , anger ...step by step and pics or it never happened
  5. AJUber

    How UBER really screws you ..

    correct because most drivers are desperate or out of work or don't know how to do basic math so they don't really care what you have to say because in their mind they're actually making money
  6. AJUber

    UBER driver assessed $2,500 fine for ride solicitation

    In most states they have a No Hail Law that means all calls you take must come from a app or a dispatch system. if you take street hails then you get a fine if caught. end of story.
  7. AJUber

    How UBER really screws you ..

    if your CPA is good he should be able to deduct mileage and expebses. it's not a perfect system but he should be able to write off so much that your taxes will be a wash. now if you just hate Uber , just don't drive get a job at Walmart or McDonalds
  8. AJUber

    Sac Pax Rating- Team

    not everyone going to follow me , even though most do. I'm just telling you what I do ...I see your new will change your mind with time.
  9. AJUber

    Independent contractor??

    call Uber bluff , they won't do it
  10. AJUber

    More great exposure for Uber - car plows into people at bus stop

    damn...thinning the herd
  11. AJUber

    figured it out again after the airport has been ruined

    your funny, you have 25 trips in one week and a acceptance rate of 66%/. that's called cherry picking and will put you up for deactivation. good job. your doing great
  12. AJUber

    I refused a pregnant woman a ride.

    you did exactly what you had to do. how many stories are on this forum about the same thing, one complaint or complaints before the ride starts .....automatic cancel and leave ....she would of 1 star you so hard. she cara nothing about you and she probably was not really sorry. you did exactly...
  13. AJUber

    Don't wank in my car!!!

    did he finish?
  14. AJUber

    Updated List of Markets With Increased Safe Ride Fee

    all bullshit....stop driving for Uber
  15. AJUber

    overflooded with uber

    welcome to the Desperate and those that can not do basic math....there is all your Oversaturated Uber Drivers
  16. AJUber

    Can someone clarify pay frequency

    mine was also , think its only credit unions
  17. AJUber

    Hamburger economics 101... a fairy tale

    good story, you forgot to add the burger store closing and then reopening with a new owner. as one owner leaves, five more takes the owners place because they are so desperate to get into the burger business.
  18. AJUber

    Can someone clarify pay frequency

    all pay is deposited in your account Thursday morning... case closed
  19. AJUber

    New Driver - any advice is helpful

    don't work for Uber advice .