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  1. UberQuintero

    Uber Driver Drinking Night

    @@@@@ it. Im not driving starting tomorrow. Who wants to meet up for some beers? Id love to park downtown with all the lights and scrolling marquee going on my car explaining why Ubers arent driving. This is the eauivalent to a 37% pay cut. For those of you considering quitting, also consider...
  2. UberQuintero

    Trips and Ratings for Brevard

    Heres mine since December's start and a summary of the last 30 days to compare, feel free to post yours too.
  3. UberQuintero

    UberX Cab Drivers in Melbourne

    So tonight I caught 2 cabs sitting in the taxi lineup at the airport waiting for pings. Top City Cab and Prestige I talked to another cabbie friend who said he heard Sammi's Taxi is doing it too. Isnt it against the partner agreement to run commercial taxis as UberX? I texted one driver, his...
  4. UberQuintero

    Trip Counts and Ratings

    So we're about 3 1/2 months into Brevard County Uber now. What s your ping count and rating so far? (I say ping count because the dash includes cancels on total trips) Im at about 250 with a 4.91 Id estimate 80 percent or more of my trips have been out of towners, still very few locals using it.
  5. UberQuintero

    Daytona Beach Guarantees this weekend

    Hello , Daytona SPEEDWEEKS is an incredible earnings opportunity for Uber Partners. This is one of the largest sporting events in the world. Nearly 500,000 FANS are coming to Daytona Beach this week to party and attend a series of races that ends with the DAYTONA 500. We are expecting...
  6. UberQuintero

    $10/15 hourly guarantees extended a week

    Got this Email today incase some of you didnt or missed it. Today I got a NICE chunk of bonus money from hours logged on last week. Be sure to opt in for this as its not automatically paid. I plan to be logged on until 3 on all the premium nights at least. Hoping my promo cards come in soon and...
  7. UberQuintero

    Brevard County Activated :)

    So I got an Email this morning saying Palm Bay, Port St Lucie, Vero Beach and everywhere in between is going live on Thursday, anyone else? An orientation to be held in Vero all day Thursday, but the way I read it is that it will be to help new applicants get everything finalized. Im assuming...