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  1. superhans

    Tipping....what's this?
  2. superhans


    Had to stay away while the radicalized blew themselves out. Its OK to have strong opinions but not been able to see anothers point of view is a serious character defect. Is it safe to come back? .....I'm off the road three weeks now but keep checking the rider app for surge, seems there are slim...
  3. superhans

    "Tell your commissioner what you think of Uber" e mail:

    Be careful if you respond as there is a BCC to Uber you might want to delete: WE NEED YOUR VOICE Soon, the Miami-Dade County Commission will meet to consider a law that could create a permanent regulatory home for ridesharing. Our driver-partners have some of the most powerful voices in...
  4. superhans

    "absolutely ridiculous"

    The response from the Broward inpection garage when I presented my 2016 vehicle with 110 miles for inspection. He went on to say I am not even looking at it as its just come out of the factory and whatever bitxh politician approved this pathetic idea I am going to find out and vote against...
  5. superhans

    'rush hour' offer:

    Anybody doing this?
  6. superhans

    the other rideshare

    Exiting MIA today received ping from the other ride share American, 'could you pick up a painting they won't allow on the aircraft and return it to my house'...sure I'll be right there to meet your airport employees friends......after several cortaditos maybe.
  7. superhans

    Lyft laugh:

    Had to laugh this morning as an Uber customer asked me how to input his Lyft code, the Uber driver had given him the 'up to $20 off first ride' Lyft offer whilst driving an Uber car. One way to compensate for the no tip policy, stick it to your 'employee' and they will always find a way to get...
  8. superhans

    dead zone.....Broward:

    I begin in North Dade most days, my first two trips at the weekend were to Fort Lauderdale downtown and the second to FLL, its pretty deflating to be in 'dead air' and have to drive 10 miles back to where you get a ping only to head back to the dead zone. I asked Uber if a subsidy was in...