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  1. Karl Marx

    Taking an Uber or Lyft pollutes more than driving, California finds. Next stop: Regulations
  2. Karl Marx

    Will You Drive More If The Price Of Gasoline Drops?
  3. Karl Marx

    To Tip or not to Tip.

  4. Karl Marx

    Landmark Case for GIG Workers [FOODORA]
  5. Karl Marx

    The COVID-19 Mega-Thread
  6. Karl Marx

    Goldman dumps Uber stock.
  7. Karl Marx

    A shout out to our brethren in Australia.

    Normally you don't think of wild bush fires as an existential threat to a modern city like Sydney and many other populated areas in the south west of Australia. This new Mega fire could provide destructive forces we'll have never witnessed before. This is truly the strongest wake up call yet to...
  8. Karl Marx

    Uber has some new EMPLOYEES
  9. Karl Marx

    Gentlemen, Time To Up Your Game [UBER'S FLYING CARS]
  10. Karl Marx

    Stagnation via a Martian example. [OFF TOPIC: THE EXPANSE TV SHOW]
  11. Karl Marx

    Adventures In Southeast Asia

    We'll be lucky if there is any manufacturing in North America in 5 years.
  12. Karl Marx

    My last post: Facing Extinction by Catherine Ingram
  13. Karl Marx

    Why Marx’s Capital Still Matters
  14. Karl Marx

    " I’m leaving the city to prep for the end of civilization, my guess is water, energy, food, the seasons and economies will collapse in 2 to 3 years."
  15. Karl Marx

    Brexit, Impeachment, Negative Interest Rates, Uber & Lyft Rates, Climate Disasters all brought to you by Neoliberalism.

    This has to be one of the most incredibly sad mornings I have ever awoken to. The world liberal democratic order has become a toxic neoliberal nightmare that has infected every part of what should be the defence and maintenance of the public good. Everywhere it seems the people who represent...
  16. Karl Marx

    "What else matters if our Environment is Destroyed? End Capitalism. Get rid of the Billionaires."
  17. Karl Marx

    Instant Feedbacks [McLuhan Video]

  18. Karl Marx

    Do you guys vape?
  19. Karl Marx

    Justice Department charges three traders in market manipulation scheme ( remember when silver went from 15 to 50 )