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    Different Classes of Uber Drivers

    Hi All, Anyone know for sure whether UberXL, UberExec and UberLarge drivers can receive and accept trip request from UberX riders ? If so, are the charges same as UberX fares ?
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    How Is Acceptance Rate In Guarantee Peak Hour Earnings being Calculated ?

    Hi Bros & Sis, Does anyone know how this is calculated? In my latest payment statement, I saw 8/3/15 Mon 6am-10am $32.00/hr - you did not qualify because: acceptance rate (89.00%) was below the required level (90.00%) On 8/3/15, I fetched 6 riders but didn't manage to get any rider between...
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    Is the rider referral program is still ongoing ?

    Hi all, I refer to the caption. Is the $20 first time rider discount still on ?
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    If you share our concerns, please join us in writing to Uber to request for a Partner forum

    Hi Bro n Sis, Please view the following link (particularly the last 10 posts): If you share our concerns also, please write in to Uber to request for a Partner's forum. We hope that Uber will respond...
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    Data Usage - Uber Partner App

    hi all, Just wondering how much data you used per month running the Uber Partner App. Mine uses about 3GB in 20days ! I'm using an iPhone 6+ and I don't watch online movies or play online games, just the usual news apps and emails pushing through.
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    TOP PERFORMER.... How did he do it 3 weeks in a row ? Anyone ?

    Receive an email newsletter today. "TOP PERFORMER Superstar Goh amassed over $2200 in fares! Of his total trips, 97 happened during weekday morning peak (6-10AM), weekday evening peak (5-11PM) and weekend peak (9AM-9PM) hours. Drive during peak hours and make great money! Three weeks in a...