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    Surging all over town

    Still not going out in this weather
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    Excellent documentary It accurately explains how humanity has been @@@@ing up the planet for the last 200 years and is still continuing to do so. It does offer a solution and a message of hope. I am pessimistic however that humanity will get our house in order in time.
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    I hate social conservatives

    This has nothing to do with politics. I'm talking about people who are always judging and condemning others for their life choices. It's always the socially conservative people who are the worst. They condemn others who choose to live a little outside the norm. They condemn people who have...
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    How do you confuse a Tiger and a Bobcat
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    What is your primary device for web surfing

    For me, it's my laptop. I only use my phone in rare cases when I'm not home and need to find something. I find phone screens far too small. I also have an old iPad but I almost never surf with it.
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    The main causes of preventable death

    Tobacco is still #1. Obesity is #2 though it is expected to surpass tobacco soon. Here are the worst areas of the country for these.
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    Just the beginning
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    If you are not a Doctor or Virologist

    Why should anyone care what you think about Covid
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    Define Greatness

    What makes someone or something great? Creating a successful business? Winning a war? Raising a family? What?
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    Guess it was bound to happen

    Got a Lyft rider today that wanted to go six-tenths of a mile. I can live with that. Then when I asked him to wear a mask he did but got an attitude. Asked me "if I really thought I was protecting myself", "the other Uber and Lyft drivers don't care (yeah right)" then gave me his expert opinion...
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    Did my first 2 airport runs today (no return trip) I didn't see any signs for rideshare. When I last did it about 16 months ago, and when I flew out of Denver last fall, we were taking them to level 5. I took them to level 6 today as I saw gates at level 5. What is the dropoff and pickup level now?
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    Times for available blocks

    I just got approved for Flex. It seems like all the available blocks are in the late afternoon or evening. Don't they have stuff in the morning or do you have to do Flex for a while to get those?
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    I give up

    After getting my medical and vehicle inspections Lyft won't let me go online because it says my vehicle only has 4 seatbelts and I need 5, except it does have 5, all with shoulder straps. I can't even send them an email about this particular issue, the app keeps directing me to other categories...
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    Medical certificate

    Well, Lyft did everything for free, problem trying to upload docs to Ubers app as well and it won't let me upload the vehicle inspection, it did let me upload the medical certificate
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    Can never sign up

    I have tried off and on for over 3 years to sign up for Amazon Flex. I am ALWAYS told there are no positions available. What gives? Does anyone know why it's so hard? Trying in the Denver area.
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    Can't get tax info from Uber

    I can't get any tax info from Uber. Not talking about a 1099. I mean I can't even get an earnings and mileage statement. I called and they said 7 business days. Now after that time and no results they are saying 7 more business days. When I log into the site it only has stuff I need to get my...
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    Should prostitution be legal and why

    Yay or Nay?
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    Done for now

    Started Uber in Oct 2016 in Columbus Ohio and did it full time for a while, been doing it part time as a second income in Denver since July 2017. Colorado requires an annual health and vehicle inspection both of which expire in 5 days. I've decided not to renew them this time, had enough. Might...
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    Jiffy Lube/vehicle inspection

    So I've heard one can renew their vehicle inspection at Jiffy Lube, and since I'm getting my medical exam done at my doctors in a couple weeks I thought I'd save a trip to the Greenlight Hub I pull into Jiffy Lube, the guy says wait 5 mins and he'll be done He comes back and says "I can't pass...